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Player on Sale for only $.99 on Amazon!

Joshua Handover had it all. He was handsome, rich, athletic, and had always been popular with the ladies. Yet, until he gets paired up with his beautiful but shy lab partner, Rosa, he never allowed himself to fall in love.
As the chemistry between them grows, Josh realizes that his player days have come to end. But it seems his change of heart has come too late. Not only is Rosa leery of his bad boy reputation, he has four vindictive ex-girlfriends who are on a rampage. At first he doesn’t take their threats seriously, but then his tires are slashed, someone tries to poison him, and one of the girls turns up dead. Josh doesn’t know who to trust, but one thing is certain. It definitely isn’t worth the price he’s paying to be a player.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Forgotten Pharaoh - A Virtual Tour of Egypt


Julie Gerber isn't thrilled to be pulled out of school her senior year to follow her parents halfway around the world to unearth a lost pyramid. However, when the cute British guy and the mysterious financier of their project both fight for her attention, things start to get interesting.

The pharaoh known as Djedefre was cursed for the murder of his eldest brother. The work of the archaeologists brings new secrets to light, ones that prove the fallen god-king wasn't the villain history had painted him to be. Can they prove his innocence?

As the team digs deeper into the mystery, members of the party vanish or end up dead. Someone is determined to keep the truth hidden at all costs, even 4,500 years later.

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I’ve never been to Egypt.  It’s on my bucket list, but with four kids and a tight budget, it won’t be happening anytime soon. Since The Forgotten Pharaoh is set in modern-day Egypt, this made writing it a little more challenging. I normally set my stories in places I’ve lived or at least visited.  In the months I was writing the novel, I spent a lot of time researching Cairo, Giza and Abu Rawash. I looked at photos and videos on you tube, and read dozens of books on Egypt past and present.  I probably did more research on this book than all my others combined. During my studies, I learned about several interesting tourist spots in Egypt and tried to include them in the story. Here are a few of my favorites, all of which Julie Gerber got to visit.

The Great Pyramid of Giza- This is one of the most well-known tourist locations in Egypt. It’s hard to get a good idea how large they actually are when you’re looking at pictures, but the pyramid built by Khufu is over 700 feet tall.  I also learned they now offer laser light shows outside the pyramids. That sounds like a show worth watching.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities – I changed the name of this museum because a lot of shady things happen there, but the fictional setting was loosely based on The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. This museum stores the largest variety of Egyptian artifacts on the planet.  You can view golden sarcophagi, mummies, canopic jars and much, much more. No trip to Egypt would be complete without a stop there.  

Cairo Marketplace – The Cairo marketplace is a giant bazaar that merges the old with the new. You can pick up electronics or ancient artifacts, both of which probably have a 50/50 chance of being authentic. Sample cuisines, peruse art, and just have a great time. Even doing window shopping online was fun.

The Colossi of Memnon – This place simply fascinated me. These two giant statues have stood for thousands of years and were a tourist attraction even back in ancient times. Noblemen from all over carved their names in the stones to show they had visited. The statues were named after Memnon, a hero of the Trojan War who was slain by Achilles. They called him the Ruler of the Dawn.  The thing that made this sight so special was that on certain mornings, always within two hours of sunrise, a lucky few would hear Memnon’s song rise from the lower base of the carvings. The stones would actually hum.  They believe now the phenomena had a natural occurrence. An earthquake shifted the stone at some point in time and dew became trapped in the crevices. When the sun rose, the rapid temperature increase inside the porous rock created a soulful sound.  Unfortunately, it’s been a very long time since anyone heard the statues sing, but it’s still an amazing story.

Cairo Tower – I stumbled across this place completely by accident while trying to decide where my characters should stop to eat. The free-standing concrete tower is crowned by a circular observation deck affording an amazing view of greater Cairo and the River Nile. The lattice work, which has been enhanced with purple lights in more recent years, was crafted in the design of a lotus, an iconic symbol of the pharaohs.  I watched a few videos of the view from the tower, and it was truly stunning.

Of course, there are many more captivating stops in Egypt and in my novel. It would take forever to talk about all of them. These are only a few that will be on my personal itinerary when I finally make it to Egypt. Until them, I’ll just keep reading about them. 

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Book Spotlight - Overgrowth by Mac Rome

Genre: Sci-Fi

Andrea Carlin made herself into the superheroine Overgrow in an effort to save the man she loved. She failed. Taking her first steps to love again, she begins dating the handsome Lee. But is she so strong now she must become weak to keep his love?

SORM excerpt
 “You!” Magmar screeched, pointing a smoldering finger at Overgrow. “It’s your fault I’m here! I’m taking you down, and I’m taking him with me!”
Andrea wasn’t surprised to see who Magmar meant by “him.” It was assistant public defender Lee Seneca, the most junior public defender, which made him the one who consistently drew the cases of supervillains. Magmar had wrapped one steaming arm around Seneca’s neck. Andrea could see what looked like elongated metal handcuffs on her wrists, but with molten metal in the area nearest her hands, and the chains between the shackles melted. She recognized them as the remains of one part of a set of power inhibitor bonds on the wrist of the arm holding Seneca. Normally, the inhibitor bonds would have covered the wearer’s hands. Andrea had designed the inhibitor technology police now used to restrain supervillains like Magmar. The bonds were supposed to safely redirect energy powers from their intended target. How Magmar had been able to power up and melt the bonds, Andrea didn’t know. At the moment, it didn’t matter.
Magmar pointed her free hand to the ground. The earth shook. A spike of rock extended up to the height of the window where she was. She dove out, dragging Seneca with her.
The strain of what Magmar was doing showed on Seneca’s face. Andrea could see his skin getting redder. She knew it could be from either being dragged by the neck or how hot Magmar’s body temperature was becoming.
Dropping to her knees, Andrea grew to 120 feet tall. That gave her the reach she needed to swing her right arm hard enough to cause the projecting rock to vibrate. Magmar lost her balance as well as her grip on Seneca, who plummeted off the side of the ziggurat of stone.
Andrea somersaulted, shrinking as she did. Dropping to 50 feet tall, she sat under the plunging Seneca, who fell into the Overgrow costume’s plunging neckline.
Andrea smiled as she looked down into her cleavage. “You all right, Mr. Seneca?’
After Seneca glanced around, he smiled up at Overgrow. “Never better!”
The superheroine was already looking up at Magmar. The villainess was glowing red-hot, positioning her arms to fire some sort of blast at Overgrow.
Confident, Andrea simply raised her arm as Magmar’s lava blast sprayed out at her. As Andrea expected, it had no effect on her. Using her massive hand to surround the villainess, she stood up awkwardly. Andrea held Magmar up as high as she could, minimizing her contact with the source of her power.
“Amazing! How can you stand up to her lava blasts like that?”
Andrea smiled down at Seneca. “I’ll explain it sometime.” She wrapped her other hand around the one holding Magmar. “I’m afraid I have both hands full with this handful, Mr. Seneca. I’ll need to leave you where you are for a while. Is that OK?”
Seneca grinned goofily. “Absolutely!” Andrea thought he was trying a little too hard to sound calm.
It was only about six minutes before police arrived with an inhibitor cage to contain Magmar. Andrea tossed her into the cage through its open top.
Andrea slid a finger between her boobs and beneath Seneca, gently lifting him out. “Thank you for being a gentleman in there.”
Seneca shrugged. “I didn’t want to wind up facing some sort of criminal charge for what I did in there, but it was certainly the biggest temptation I’ve ever faced!”
Andrea chuckled lightly. She looked around the area. She pointed to a rooftop immediately to the north of the building housing the public defender office. “Can I talk to you up there for a moment?”
“Sure.” Seneca looked confused.
Andrea shot up to 500 feet, placed a foot over the building, then shrank to Overgrow’s usual height of six-foot-four. As she reduced, she placed Seneca near her on the roof.
Seneca straightened his clothing, standing his full six-foot-two. “So, what’s up?”
Andrea stood in front of him, looking awkward. She flipped her hair back over her ear. “Are you free tonight?”
Seneca blinked his eyes three times. “Yeah. I mean, yes, I am.”
Andrea reached into a hidden pocket in the Overgrow costume’s cape. She handed its contents to Seneca. “Come to this address tonight at 6:30. If you want to, that is.”
Seneca looked at her, his eyes wide. “Overgrow, are you asking me out on a date?”
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SORM About the Author

Mac Rome is a lifelong resident of the Great Lakes region of the United States. He’s experienced life in the Appalachian foothills, along the Ohio river and in the flatlands of the former Great Black Swamp, and in large cities, small towns and rural areas. He’s a student of ancient lore and mythology and a lover of cultural exploration, history and dialects. He writes fantasy, science fiction and romance.
Author Links:   Site    Blog    Facebook   Twitter

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Book Blast - Written Reckoning by A.L. Parker

SOR Written Reckoning VBT Banner
Genre: Mystery 

 Twenty years ago, a mysterious infection gripped the entire world, turning ordinary people into vicious cannibals. Until now, the pain, anguish, fears and losses suffered have been kept concealed by those too broken to relive their terrible ordeal.
While trying to escape his home of Pittsburgh, which had succumbed to the infection, young writer, Matt Everett, documented his harrowing struggle to keep both himself and his friends alive, while traveling across the country in search of safety and answers.
He did all of this to both preserve his sanity and describe the awful truth about a time when humanity was almost wiped out, for any future generations that may somehow exist.
This is that story. This is the truth. This is the world’s ‘Written Reckoning’.

SORM excerpt
 I hit the top of the truck twice with my hand. “Just go!” I shouted back, still standing on the truck. There wasn’t time to get down.
Amber hit the gas as I kept shooting those nearest the truck, struggling to keep my balance while doing so. We weren’t moving very fast due to the abandoned cars surrounding us. Some of the Rots had caught up with us, we were that slow.
“Matt, look out!” I heard Danielle scream through the back window. I turned to see two Rots climbing onto the back of the truck to join me. I shot them before they could make it. They fell, still hanging over the truck, blood pouring from their heads. More of them were gaining on us, not that they had to move that fast. We were still surrounded by cars as we tried to get away.
I saw another Rot making its way onto the truck. I took aim but let out an exasperated shriek when, to my horror, the gun didn’t release a bullet, instead it just clicked; it was empty.
“Shit! Guys, I’m out of ammo!” I shouted.
But there was nothing they could do. If we stopped we’d be over-run in seconds.
“Just hang in there, Matt!” Darry yelled back.
That was much easier said than done. The Rot had made its way on board with me now.
“Crap!” I stood up, ready to fight it off. We locked arms as if it was a wrestling match and he tried to bring his bloodied mouth towards me, snapping his sordid teeth in anticipation. He was a strong fucker. He managed to push me over to the floor, which caused me to smash my arm against the side of the truck. I cried out as I felt the sharp edge slide into my skin.
I could hear the others screaming in fear for me from inside the truck. As soon as I was down, the Rot jumped on top of me, sensing an opportunity. I fought with everything I had to keep his mouth away from me, trying to punch and kick him off me. The truck had started speeding up now. We were out of the traffic but still not safe, the hordes of Rots were still chasing us. But for now, my only problem was getting this one off me.
Everything else faded from my concentration as the world around me ceased to exist. I reached around next to me for a weapon to use. All of the guns were inside the truck, but I felt around anyway, which meant I only had one free arm to keep him away from my face. As I kept searching with my hand, I felt a cold bar-like thing under my fingers and brought it up to the Rot’s head. I swung it towards him, missing a few times and even almost hitting myself. But on the next try, I got it right. I managed to hit him hard enough for him to roll off me, I quickly stood up.
He got back up and just kept coming for more. I pushed him against the edge of the truck, trying desperately to throw him off but I didn’t have enough strength. I could feel the blood making its way down my arm from my fresh wound.
Once the Rot noticed it, he began to go even crazier. Maybe he could smell the blood; making him want it even more. What a sight this would be for any passers-by, I thought. Man vs. Zombie on the back of a moving truck—just a bit of light entertainment.
At this point, we must have been far enough away from the rest of the Rots for Amber to feel it was safe to stop the truck. She put the brakes on hard, causing me to lose balance and fall over again. And again the Rot jumped on me, he wasn’t giving up. This time though, Joey and Darry were able to help. They got up on the truck with us and dragged the vicious thing off me, throwing it off the truck to the hard concrete road. As it stood up again, Darry aimed to shoot it. He shot it through the shoulder, not its head so it’s just kept going. Both he and Joey tried but couldn’t aim at its head properly.
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SORM About the Author

A.L. Parker is a writer and novelist just getting ready to release her first book, ‘Written Reckoning’. She has been published in Rock Sound magazine and on various music and gaming websites and currently writes for When not writing, Amy can be found listening to music too loud, watching hockey (LET’S GO PENS!) or playing video games. She also has a keen interest in horror, especially zombies and loves reading graphic novels and anything written by Hunter S.Thompson.

Author Links:   Site        Twitter

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Book Review: Redemption (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novella #3) by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Darkness fell over Ame’ Academy when Angel plummeted into the gaping twilight of the abyss. Ismet, Bella Donna, Elin and Rafael were now left to pick up the pieces.

But those that loved Angel refused to believe she was gone; so the search for her and the truth begins. Plus the clock is counting down; the Beast has escaped its pit and so the group of friends, with the help of unlikely allies must face an ancient evil, and once again face the heartache of losing someone they love, to save the world from destruction once and for all.

The highly anticipated and surprising finale to the Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy!

Where to Buy

Amazon                       Goodreads

About The Author

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a New Adult/Young Adult-Paranormal Author. Her titles include a YA Novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy, a contribution to the HerStory Anthology released March 08th2013(Pagans Writers Press) and now her first full length novel Chrysalis.
She has been married for 18 years and has a 15 year old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures.
Another love is writing. Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she is creating on paper is how she loves spending her spare time.
Also Michelle is also the producer/host of the online radio segment, IndieReview Behind the Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B Musings interview Indie authors and musicians.
Oh, and one final secret about Michelle is that she believes that she also has a secret power, but if she told, she would have to zap ya!
Find out more about her on her website
Follow her on twitter at @mcjordan37

 My Thoughts

The third novella in the Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy picks up where the last one left off.  Angel has sacrificed her life to save her brother, her friends, and the world from an evil spirit. Now, left alone with their grief, her friends and her true love must deal with the chaos left behind. Rafael, Angel's soul mate, is so overcome by his grief, he's driven to the brink of insanity and her friends are forced to look for answers on their own in the hopes of freeing Angel before the prophecies can be fulfilled.

Redemption is filled with surprising twists and turns. I love all the unique mythological creatures that are brought into the story, including Lioness Shifters, fiery Djinns, Phoenixes, and vampire-witch hybrids. All of these creatures blend perfectly along with the Native American legends of the great Beast.  A lot of action is packed into this novella as the Alliance of the Supernatural battle the Beast for control of the Human and Supernatural world. It's a fast-paced read with an ending you'll never see coming. Just be sure to read the first two books in the series first so you get all the back story and can truly appreciate this unique work of fiction.

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Book Blast - Secrets, Lies, and Trash by Dawn Miller

Was it just another day on the job for garbage man/single dad, Russell Waverly?
Not if ordinary includes finding a severed head in the morning trash pickup. Four bodies in 48-hours send the working-class community of Spotswood, New Jersey reeling and it’s up to Russell and his childhood buddy, Detective Jake Turner to set things right.


I couldn’t make out the face, but I certainly recognized the voice. It was Jake Turner, my best friend since kindergarten. We had been inseparable since the day our tussle over a train engine had ended in a draw. The friendship stayed intact all the way through elementary school and into high school. Jake and I were all set to room together in college when the words
“I’m pregnant” forever altered my future. I have never regretted the decision to marry my childhood sweetheart, Caroline, and I couldn’t imagine my life without Ryan, but here we were.
Jake was a rising star with the Spotswood Police Department and I picked up his trash.
 Buy Links:  Amazon 
 ~About the Author~
You can connect with Dawn Miller at  Facebook       Google +    Pinterest