Sunday, April 8, 2012

Destiny Review & Giveaway at Organize Chaos

 I just read what I think is one of the best reviews of Destiny yet! It was written by fellow pagan blogger and radio host Raven Moonshadow over on her blog, Organized Chaos. I am flattered and overwhelmed by her high praise. I think my favorite line was  "This is her first young adult novel and I was really impressed with how closely she kept within the actual concepts of the earth-based religions. I think having a book like this written by someone who follows the religion herself is a huge boost to the published work."

Raven also shared the book with her teeage daughter Kat, who has this to say,"I love this book series, mom! When can we get the next book? I seriously want to know what's going to happen to Gabriella and Darron next. I need to know.

I have had lots of people review Destiny in the last year. Some have been pagans and a few have been teens. But I finally got to hear the opinion an actual pagan young adult! This is very exciting for me, since this is the group I was gearing for. There are not many fiction novels out there for teens that portray witchcraft in a good light, and I think this is something that  was needed for the pagan community.Of course, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate my wonderful readers from all walks of life. You don't need to be pagan to appreciate "Destiny", you just need to be open minded.

Head on over to Organized Chaos to read the full review and be sure to enter to win the fabulous prize pack showed in the photo above. It includes a signed copy of Destiny, a crystal point, incense and a few dessert rose stones. Thanks again to Raven for the fabulous review!

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  1. I'm excited. I'm going to read my copy of Destiny at the end of the month, and then devour Destiny Unveiled in May. Hm, I have a Kindle copy, guess I should check the review/giveaway and try for a print one ;-)