Friday, July 26, 2013

Hyde - Book 3 in the Dark Musicals Trilogy Available Now!

Hyde, the final book in the Dark Musicals Trilogy is available now in both print and eBook copies!
Digital copies on sale for only $2.99 until 7/29.


Rebecca Hope has looked death in the face twice and lived to tell her tale.
She and the love of her life, Justyn Patko, land a summer internship at a local dinner theater, performing the musical Hyde. While they are excited about their first paid acting gig, they soon find themselves surrounded by more experienced cast mates, jealous of their success. As if the tension isn’t bad enough, they soon discover that the business might be a front for something much more sinister
When Justyn is accused of a crime that she knows he would never commit, Rebecca must decide if she wants to follow her head or her heart. While trying to prove his innocence, she makes a shocking discovery of her own.
Everyone has something to conceal in the grand finale of the Dark Musicals Trilogy. Rebecca has to look beyond the fa├žade to discover the true Hyde or face her final curtain call.

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If you haven't read the first two books in the series they are also on sale through 7/29. 

Phantom, Dark Musicals Book #1 - Available for only $.99

Demon, Dark Musicals Book #2 - Available for only $1.99


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