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Book Spotlight - The Urban Wolf by Zerlina Valinski

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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Ragen Kerrigan a gorgeous young woman who has a way with animals as well as hurting people. She heals with a mere touch. Using this mysterious skill, she does not understand, she’s a much admired Vet.
Liam O’Neill is a, Zerphalin, a shape shifting warrior, much like a werewolf, created by the Celtic goddess Macha. In his past existence in another realm, his heart was broken. Now he lives in the mortal realm. He’s lonely, yet turns down sexual advances of a beautiful Sensual Moon Witch. Liam longs for something more than meaningless sex. In his long life time, he’s had enough of passing affairs and sharing a woman is out of the question.
Goddess Achtland appears to Liam out of the blue. She issues him orders to find a female relative of hers currently living in the mortal realm. In return, Achtland promises him to help find his mate.
Ragen goes to Chattanooga, into the big city, to a fund raiser for their animal hospital. After letting her friend off, Ragen parks her car several blocks away. As she walks to the event she’s accosted. Out of nowhere, an amber eyed champion arrives saving her. Liam, owner of The Urban Forest, introduces himself as the Urban Wolf. He invites her to his club after the fund raiser event ends.
Ragen accepts his invitation, not realizing her life is going to change forever. With the help of Liam, she’ll embrace her place in the supernatural world. Ragen is about to become the Warrior’s Faery Princess.
SORM excerpt

The heavy beat of the music filled the Urban Wolf Club. The place was packed to overflowing. Liam had sought the privacy of his office just to get away from everything and everyone, even if that meant rustling through the papers on his desk trying to decide what bills to pay first. The check book was open, and he’d already paid ten bills. “Damn I hate doing this shit. It’s hard to think with all this noise.”
At times it could be difficult running two different clubs. Tonight both were packed. It was talent night, the night for local performers to show off their best. They came from all around to sing, dance, and play various instruments for the chance to win a big prize, to be on stage and be heard. Some had real potential, and on a few occasions talent scouts had come to his club to hear the performances. So, tonight was the busiest night of the season in both clubs and to make things worse, the moon was full.
Upstairs he catered to the local humans while downstairs he hosted the more special clientele. Both groups had their issues at times, especially when the supernaturals mixed with the human customers. And, he had a feeling, it was going to be a particularly challenging evening. A large group of Sensual Witches was visiting on their way to the new Lustulian temple to serve as priestesses. For the moment, the lusty women and the local pack of werewolves were downstairs enjoying some carnal delights.
Even in his back office, the sound was overpowering. “I just need to give it up.” Liam put his head in his hands. “But I gotta get these paid tonight.” He slammed open his ledgers, then turned on the computer. He could smell the varied scents of all of the people in his territory. The human patrons paid the bills and kept his cash flow where he liked it. But their emotions were powerful and he could sense them, especially the more nefarious ones. Sometimes they threw him into overdrive. He was a predator and some of them were no more worthy than prey.
Damn, I need a vacation. He snarled. I’ve gotta get away from everything.
After writing two more checks, he stuffed them into envelopes. The annoying noise pounded in Liam’s aching head. “Fuck, I can’t think, there’s too much going on here tonight.” He threw down his pen, and it rolled off the other side of the desk. As he was about to get up to retrieve it, there was a knock at his door. “What?” His jaw tightened with irritation.
“There’s a delivery for the kitchen.” Tobias opened the door to stick his head in.
“Come in.” Liam waved.
“They need your signature. I’ve checked everything, it’s all here.” Tobias pushed the door open and walked to Liam’s desk.
“Kinda late for a delivery on a Friday night.”
Tobias stopped at the front edge of his desk. His hair was unfashionably long and shaggy. He handed Liam the bill of goods. Liam reviewed, signed it, and then handed it back to him.
“It’s only 6:30.” Tobias shrugged. “It’s not really all that late.”
“Oh, guess not.”
“But why are you working on a Friday night? You’re the boss.”
“It’s gotta get done.” Liam frowned. “I’ve got nothing better to do, and I just don’t want to deal with the crowds tonight.”
“Can I bring you anything? You should really cut lose. Enjoy the night.”
Liam barely heard Tobias, his mind deep in thought as he looked over the next bill to be paid. “Hey, you listening?”
“What?” Liam looked up. “You still here?”
“Yeah. Did you hear me?” Tobias frowned.
“I guess not.” He looked back down at his ledger.
“I asked if you’d like me to bring you something.”
“Nah, I’m fine. I have some whiskey.”
“Okay. Call if you need anything.” Tobias closed the door as he left.
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SORM About the Author
I am Zerlina Valinski. I am weaver of tales of sensual erotic romance. My stories will take you to places you have never been. You will see fantastic places and people. I will tantalize you with stories of Weres, Shape shifters, Witches, Warlocks, Fairies, Imps, pagan gods and goddesses and more mystical creatures. I will invite you into their sensual worlds where they don’t shy away from the carnal as humans do. They indulge their passion and they love without mortal confines of the human mind.

I invite you to partake in these sensual adventures. They will keep your interest.

The world is old and there are many beings here. Human’s ignorance doesn’t eliminate this reality. Humans are frozen in their ways, their beliefs. But not the creatures of old, they’re fully aware of the hidden world around us. Come with me to meet them and see their domains. To live with them and to love with them.

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