Friday, November 28, 2014

Scrooged - A Dark Musicals Holiday Novella - Only $.99!

Lots of people have emailed me to ask what happens to Justyn and Becca in the future. Would they make it to Broadway? Would they live happily ever after? In Scrooged, you will get a glimpse into their future, and see some old friends--and villains--you thought were gone for good.

Stan Hope never cared much for his son-in-law—Justin Patko. 

His black clothes and body piercings were bad enough, but the ridiculous notion of dragging Rebecca off to Broadway with a new baby on the way pushes Stan over the edge. How much can a father take?

After losing his cool at a holiday party, Stan gets a visit from three unexpected spirits. Can they help to change his close-minded ways? Or will he lose his only child forever?

 Available on Amazon for only $.99.

Spoiler Alert - Don't read this unless you finished the first three books in the series! If you missed them, now is a great time to catch up! All three books are on sale for the holidays!

Phantom: $.99           Demon: $2.99         Hyde : $2.99


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