Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Review: Espirited Beginning (Confessions of a Teenage Medium Book 1) by Samantha Buttrick

Heress Espirit's life is anything but normal. She does tarot readings at her mother’s metaphysical store and is haunted by what she believes to be prophetic dreams. Since the details rarely match reality, no one will take her seriously.

When a disturbing vision of a fellow student, Cheyenne Chambers, coincides with the girl’s disappearance, she is certain it means something and sets out to prove the validity of her gift.

After a strange reaction at Cheyenne's memorial service, Heress is able to see and communicate with the dead. The new ability turns out to be more than she bargained for as her former classmate begins to haunt more than her dreams and a mysterious person tries to run her down.

With her deceased grandfather as her appointed mentor and two best friends to assist her, Heress races to give Cheyenne the peace she deserves and stop the killer from claiming another victim.

My Thoughts

4 Stars

 Espirited Beginning is an exciting story of a teenage medium. Heress always had some psychic ability, but after a near death experience, she finds she can speak with the dead. The ghost of her grandfather helps guide her, but she is still overwhelmed when the spirit of a murdered classmate makes an appearance. Heress starts her own investigation to find the murderer so Cheyenne can find the peace she deserves.  But someone knows Heress is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. If she doesn't find the killer soon, she could be the next victim. Along the way she also has to battle the bullying of a snobby cheerleader who is trying to steal her would-be boyfriend.

I enjoyed this book and found the mystery unique and chilling. I loved how the author blended forensics with the paranormal aspects. The thing that holds me back from giving this book five stars is that the climax came about 75% into the story.  After that, it dragged a little, and I think it would have flowed better if the romantic angst had been blended in during the course of the action instead of lumped in at the end.  But the exciting finale is a redeeming quality that will leave the reader anticipating the next installment and another ghostly encounter .


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