Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Review: Rupert's Tales: A Book of Bedtime Stories

An enchanting collection of four rhyming bedtime stories, children will be encouraged to discover new ways of exploring and directing dreamtime that comes naturally from their minds and hearts. Meet the very tired and hungry Brody the bat who helps Rupert learn about going to sleep, and a colorful dragon that knows all about dreaming. Merissa the Mermaid and Flora the Frog are the perfect duo to talk about sending bad dreams away and the Guardian of Dreams is there to protect dreamers as they sleep. Inspiration for reluctant and eager sleepers alike can be found in this assortment of charming, creative tales. Stories come to life with 40 delightfully vibrant pastel illustrations that complement creative concepts, influencing the direction and content of children’s dreams—something sure to please the adventurous spirit of every child!

About the Author

 Kyrja celebrates Sabbats, moon phases and other magickal gatherings with Friends of Rupert and performs "Rupert's Tales and Tunes" at festivals and every chance she gets. She continues to work on future tales featuring Rupert and his friends, as well as fantasy-genre fiction novels. Kyrja also likes to write and sing children's songs so may burst suddenly into song at any given moment!

"I'm a Friend of Rupert" is one of the many songs Kyrja has written for our furry friend and can be found near the back of the Activity Book. You can also sing along on our "Friends of Rupert" YouTube channel.

You can also watch "Introduction to Rupert" on YouTube, as well as "Rupert's Tales and Tunes" to see what the books offer, and what we do at festivals and events. Hop on over and join us on You Tube.

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My Thoughts

Rupert's Tales: A Book of Bedtime Stories, is a collection of adorable stories about a little rabbit named Rupert. Each story is beautifully illustrated with lifelike images of Rubert and his forest friends, and each short story teaches a valuable lesson. 

One of the things the book teaches children is that it's important to get a good night's rest in order to make it through the day. He befriends a bat who crashes into a tree because he didn't sleep well the day before, and all the friends discuss how hard it can sometimes be to settle down and go to sleep. They give suggestions on how to make it a little easier. Other stories go on to explain the way that dreaming works, and how each person can control what happens in their dreams, even if it's subconsciously.

My children loved all the stories in Rupert's Tales. They are just the right length to hold their interest and they have grown very attached to the adorable characters. I also love how each story has hints of the pagan religion, such as creating sacred space or saying a blessing. These messages are subtle and someone who isn't familiar with the path would probably not even notice, but as a pagan mom, I am excited to finally have a children's book geared to my religion.


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