Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reign Drops (The Bloodborne Series Book 1) Sale $.99 August 4- 8

Dalia, a translator for the local missionary program, is called home. Her tribe, the final remnants of the Mayan civilization, are convinced the end of the calendar will trigger the deathly legends that sent them into hiding in the first place.
Having spent more than half her life in the care of nuns, Dalia is skeptical that magic is real, but returns to support her sisters who must face the challenges set before them.
Through a twist of fate the job is forced upon her.
cover 300 resolution
Sale August 4 - 8 Get it for only $.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
What reviewers are saying -
'Reign Drops is a nice mix of paranormal, history, and romance all pulled together into an entertaining adventure.'
' Excellent descriptions. Fantastic History intertwined throughout the story.'
'This author took some very basic ideas from the fantasy/paranormal genre and shaped them into something fresh.'
C. Patt lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, three cats, two dogs and DJ the turtle. She writes as often as she can, but perhaps not as often as she should. According to the husband it is possible she reads too much.
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