Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Slasher Experience by CP Bialois

Casi is a gifted young woman who only wants to help others, but when her parents don’t allow her to help a grieving neighbor, her brother, Tom, decides it’s time to get her out of the house and let her live some.

For him, that involves the Slasher Experience, a who-dun-it weekend based on the low budget, smash hit slasher horror movie. Bringing his two best friends, he hopes to give Casi the time of her life, but when the horror turns real and there’s nowhere to run, her talents are put to the test.

My Thoughts

The Slasher Experience centers around a group of teens who head out for what is supposed to be a fun weekend. They purchased tickets to a campground hosting an exciting event where they can live out scenes from their favorite slasher film. The only problem is, someone is bringing the game to life, and the bodies piling up aren't movie props. With campers dropping like flies, it's hard to guess who the real killer might be. Even Casi, who has some unique physic abilities, doesn't know who to trust as one by one the people around her meet a gruesome end. 

If you're a fan of of the horror genre, you're going to love this book! It flows like an eighties horror movie, and the scenes play out in your mind like a screenplay as you read the vivid imagery. All the characters have depth, even when they are killed in the same chapter where they are introduced. There is also more to it than simply a gruesome gore fest. Though, who doesn't enjoy that? There are also paranormal aspects and elements of mystery. The thrilling conclusion leaves you wanting more. Luckily, Slasher 2 is slated for an October release. I got a sneak peek, and it's just as good as the first. Truly, the Slasher series is horror at it's finest, and has rekindled my fondness for the old cult classics of the eighties.

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