Sunday, January 13, 2019

Rebuilding Me (Lightworker Series Book 3) by Jamie White

Courtney Thompson’s world has been shattered. Consumed by grief and guilt, she’s closed herself off from the world. Considered a danger to herself, Courtney’s being held by people she wants nothing to do with. 

Making things worse are the horrifying nightmares of the very person and events she wants to forget. It gets so bad, she’s lost her sense of reality. Elaine Wilson has been assigned to help draw her out of this shell, but Courtney fights her at every step. 

Santiago Martinez has just begun following in his family’s footsteps when he comes across a wild-looking girl who seems so lost, he can’t help but feel for her. She’s rude and violent, but something about her calls to him. He’s determined to help this woman who’s been so broken by their enemies. 

Will Courtney emerge from the darkness she’s been lost in, or will she fall victim once more to the people who made her this way?

My Thoughts

The second book in the Lightworker Series left us with a startling revelation that left Courtney's world in a shambles. In Book 3, she is still fighting to recover from the horrors she's been forced to endure. Terrifying dreams haunt her nights and make her unable to forget the past, and she becomes consumed by grief and guilt. Because of her fragile mental state, the organization she's working for has been forced to monitor her and bind her powers. Filled with fear and belligerence, Courtney is ready to walk away from everything, until she meets another powerful Lightworker named Santiago Martinez. He is drawn to her and longs to heal her wounds, but will his love be enough to put the pieces of Courtney's fragile mind back together?

 The Lightworker Series just keeps getting better. In this installment, you really feel for Courtney and her inner turmoil as she tries to overcome her grief. Once she meets Santiago, you route for him to get through to her and help heal her wounds. Maybe she will even get a second chance at love. Even if Courtney can get her life back, there are more struggles ahead. I'm diving right into Book 4 to see what happens next.


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