Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Confronting Me (Lightworker Series Book 6) by Jamie White

Years ago, Abigail Flores was forced to leave behind everything she'd known after a reckless decision made her family fear for her future. Since then, she's worked hard to put her past, and the reputation she earned, behind her. When she suddenly comes face-to-face with a person from that past, she finds herself falling into some old habits that might just leave her vulnerable to more than a broken heart.

Meanwhile, Courtney's been assigned to help protect a young woman with a gift that the enemy doesn't want her using. While the physical danger is real, Courtney believes that there's a more pressing threat to her charges' safety. 

Will Abigail's moment of weakness put more than herself in danger? Will Courtney be able to save her charge from herself?

My Thoughts

In the sixth book in the Lightworker Series, we see a lot of focus on Abigail, Courtney's twin sister. She's dealing with a difficult decision she made it the past. She's sent to live in America  with her brother, but only finds herself in deeper waters. It turns out many of the people she trusted were only spying on her to see if she inherited her parent's abilities. Meanwhile, Santiago and Courtney also get some action. They are tasked with protecting a powerful physic named Fiona. Their rivals hope to use for gifts their own dark purposes. 

This was another awesome chapter in the Lightworker series. One of the best parts of this book for me is a crossover between this series and the author's Stains series. Stains are the novels that introduced me to this author's work, and seeing both of these amazing stories merged so flawlessly added a whole new dimension. Don't worry if you didn't read that series, though. This story-line flow seamlessly whether you are familiar with Fiona's history or not.  There is lots of action and I enjoyed getting the backstory on Abigail because it makes her an even more relatable character. Now, on to Book 7!


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