Saturday, August 12, 2023

Horrified is FREE on Amazon

Tom Rittenhouse is in over his head. After only one season, his best friend Lord Justyn is leaving him to run their dinner theater alone. With seven days to perfect their production of Franken-freak, Tom braves a Nor’easter on his birthday to lead their first dress rehearsal. To add to his stress, the set is plagued by strange accidents and mysterious messages. When an employee vanishes, Tom fears one of his feuding castmates may be out for blood. With danger, ghosts, and nylon stockings around every corner, this is certain to be a birthday Tom will never forget.

**Spoiler Alert**

You don't want to read Horrified until  you've caught up the other books in the series because it will give away several of the previous villains!

Get started with Book 1, Phantom to see how the story began.


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