Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Softer Edges - Guest Post by Author Louisa Bacio

Life changed after I had children. Priorities shifted, and suddenly I couldn’t stomach movies and literature that featured violence, especially violence against kids. The subject became too close to home, too real.

A year ago I bought a collection of short stories from one of my favorite authors, Stephen King. Partway through Full Dark, No Stars, I put the tome down, and didn’t pick it up again.

I didn’t start writing in romance. My first love affair was horror. Regularly, I slashed and diced. I poured through nonfiction books on serial killers, trying to get to the heart of the why of murder.

That’s a major question with a death, right? Why was a victim chosen? How did the slaughter occur? We want all those grisly details.

“Bed of the Dead” doesn’t uncover or answer the questions about humanity. But, it does take a look at the darkness – that potential for evil. As a whole, my writing tends to be darker.  An erotic paranormal, “Bed of the Dead” focuses on the power and greed that comes with immortality.

While I’m unable to face reading horror, I guess it hasn’t kept me from writing about it. Also, there’s an additional complexity of emotion. With my daughters, love becomes all encompassing. My youngest at 5 likes to hold me tight, her face snuggled into my breasts, breathing in my scent. It’s a carnal, purely physical connection. If one’s out of my sight, it feels like something is missing. When both go in opposite directions, I’m torn, unsure of how to watch both.

As I continue to evolve, so does my writing. Such a new realm, a softer edge, to be embraced. 

 When Chloe places an online ad for some kinky sex, she doesn’t expect to hook up with a vampire coven. But sleeping in the bed of the dead isn’t all she expected. Instead of a cold lay, she craves some warm flesh. Fortunately, gorgeous surfer-boy Seth is more than willing to share his humanity.

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