Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Cast of Morrigan

Every writer dreams of seeing their books become a movie. I would love to see any of my novels made into a film, but I think Morrigan would be the most fun on the big screen. This is my first fantasy novel and I would love to see the costumes, castles, special effects, and of course, the cast come to life.  Usually when it's time to pick out my cast, my kids are the ones I turn to for guidance for who is hot on the teen scene. However, while Morrigan is still a YA novel, most of the characters are adults. Morrigan and her love interest, Filtiarn, are really the only two under thirty. So this time around, I asked a few of my beta readers to help me out. Tiff, Steph, and Jackie from The Sisters Elemental etsy shop spent hours chatting with me on face book until we had just the right cast assembled. Whether you read Morrigan yet or not, you will have to admit that this all star cast would definitely make for a film worth watching.

The following photos are from

Morrigan- Kat Dennings
Choosing Morrigan was one of the hardest casting decisions I've made. She can't be some weak little damsel. Morrigan is a strong woman, and I wanted an actress who could portray that well. I think Kat would be the perfect choice. She is uniquely beautiful, but strong. I can see her doing some serious Lucy Lawless worthy butt kicking. She doesn't look exactly the way I envision Morrigan. I would like her hair a little darker and curlier, and darker eyes, but I'm sure Hollywood can handle that.

Filtiarn- Emile Hirsh
You'll have to visualize the dreadlocks for now, but I can definitely see this guy in a animal skin tunic. I picked him because he was the star of Into the Wild which is about the same type of escapades my husband, Timmie, experienced while hitchhiking cross country. Since Tiarn's looks and personality were based on Timmie, Emile seemed liked the perfect choice to play him.

Ceridwyn-Melanie Lynskey
Ceridwyn is Morrigan's mother. Melanie definitely has the regal look needed to play the queen of Tir na NOg.
Hecate-Angelica Hopkins
Hecate is Morrigan's grandmother. I describe her as being ancient, and of course, Angelica is still beautiful and is only in her late fifties. I still think with a little make up to make her look older, she would be the perfect choice for Hecate. She already has experience with magic since she was the priestess in the Mists of Avalon which is one of my all time favorite books/movies.

Arianrhod-Brit Marling 
Despite being the rival for the throne, I always visualized Ariarnhod as being almost angelically beautiful, perhaps as a reminder that true beauty is on the inside. Recently I got a movie to review called The Sound of My Voice and Brit was the star. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had found my Arianrhod.  Can't you visualize her in a renaissance gown?

Condon/Dunham-Murray Melvin
This is a duel role.  Condom and Dunham are the identical twins who man the Gateway between our world and Tir na NOg. Each one has a very different personality, and I think Murray would be able to play both parts perfectly.

Alden-Anthony Hopkins
I love Anthony Hopkins and I'm so glad to have found the perfect role for him in one of my movies. Alden is a blind old man that Morrigan meets in her travels. He has a very special connection with her.

Brigid-Kathy Bates
Who else can you pick to play the village elder?  Even when I was writing the story, I saw Kathy's face on this character, though she'll have to dye her hair red for the part.

Caedmon-Jason Momoa
Originally, Tiff had suggested Jason for the role of Tiarn. He was a little too old for that part, but he was just too darn hot to leave out, so I cast him as the captain of the guard.

Deirdre-Amy Adams
Ariarnhod's flame-haired lady in waiting and daughter of Brigid. Amy was the only choice for this role.

Willow-Gabrielle Union
Willow is a faery. Morrigan's interactions with her are pretty magical, but you'll have to read the story to learn more.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the cast of Morrigan. These are all the main roles, and even a few of the smaller parts. As always, if you've read the book and can think of someone who would fits better, I would love to hear about them.




  2. Willow is supposed to be very earthy in appearance. She had brown skin and green hair. :)