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Review: Kindred (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) Novella #2 by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

The Kindred is the second novella in The Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy.

Angel and her friends at Ame Academy, a boarding school for preternatural and humans are back, and they are preparing for battle against the dark forces that kidnapped Angel’s younger brother Jordan. Angel had recently discovered that she was a Hunter and that she alone has a special weapon against her enemies, her blood, which is discovered to be toxic to her enemies. Angel is prepared to use her training and all that is at her disposal in order to save Jordan, even if that means joining forces with the strange and mysterious Rafael, who at their first meeting, she recognized him as the boy she had dreamed about for weeks prior to his arrival at the school. Angel cannot shake the feeling that she knew Rafael before, and is hopelessly drawn to her extremely handsome fellow hunter.

Rafael frightens her, he hints of a secret; another time and another life lived.

Can love survive two lifetimes?

Events unfold that provides the answers to who Rafael really is and what they mean to one another; and along with these strange and blossoming emotions for Rafael, along with guilt and fear for her brothers safety; Angel discovers that she is more than just a Vampire Hunter, and that she plays a major role in a ancient prophecy, which she must fulfill by facing an a force so evil that survival is not promised.

But she will face the Dark One, Angel will sacrifice all, if it means saving all whom she loves.

Many questions are answered, but the drama is just beginning….

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About the Author

Bio: Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a book lover, with YA paranormal adventures as her favorite genre, although she can be a glutton for any young adult title. Michelle’s other love is writing, Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she or others have created is how she loves spending her spare time...
One last thing about Michelle, she believes that she has her own secret powers:)

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My Thoughts

I have been waiting for months for the second installation in this trilogy and I'm excited to say that it exceeded by expectactions. The first book left off with Dasheen, whose nickname is Angel, discovering she was a vampire hunter and that her high school was filled with vampires, djinns, and other creatures that she had believed were only legends. Her brother had been taken captive and was being turned by some rogue vampires. There's a handsome guy named Rafael who Angel is very drawn to but she has no idea why.  In the second book, you learn there is much more to this story than just vampires. There is a society of beings called the Thunderkin and one of them is set on releasing an ancient evil that could destroy both the human and vampire worlds. Angel must save her brother, learn Rafael's secrets, and help her friends defeat the evil Wasiki, all while learning some pretty intense secrets about her own past including who her real mother was and what her tie is to Rafael. 

I really loved this story and how the author managed to incorporate so many myths and legends, many of which I was unfamiliar with. With so many straight vampire stories out there, its refreshing to see someone mix it up with some new supernatural aspects. I loved reading about the Thunderkin, their abilities, and Angel's part in their world. One of the other unique aspects of the story is that its written as a series of blog posts, which I thought was really original. Most of the story is from Angel's point of view, but this time around, you also hear from her friend Elin and even the elusive Rafael.   This is a quick paced story that you can easily read in one sitting.  I only hope the author doesn't leave me hanging too long before releasing the final installation in the trilogy. 

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