Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Spotlight - The Lightness of Dust: Book One of The Meronymy by M.L. Weaver

We mortals take solace in knowing that our cares will someday scatter with the dust of our bones. For the gods who walk among us no such hope exists... especially for the young goddess who must witness our deaths.

The Lightness of Dust: Book One of the Meronymy threads the tale of a young woman's search for belonging through the lives of an ancient Anatolian fisherman, the caretaker of the Persephone Music hall in 1940 Seattle, and a university professor in modern-day Northern California.

About the Author

M.L. Weaver lives with his wife and son in the Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy the desolation of summer and the snow-silent glow of winter. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California and applies his training to the formulation of agricultural chemicals.

Connect with ML Weaver

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Where to Buy

You can get your copy of The Lightness of Dust: Book One of The Meronymy on Amazon for only $5.99 for the e-book or $9.99 for the paperback.


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