Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Spotlight - Merlot & Men by Sonia Hightower

I'm just going to keep this short. It's a short naughty story. (IR, menage, m/f/m.) Those of you who have read books one and two know what to expect from these. Below is a blurb and an excerpt. Hope you get a kick out of it. ;)

(Book one was Ladies Uncorked, book two Grapes of Lust, but they do not need to be read in any particular order.)

It’s time for the Annual Regional Wine Competition, and Charmaine is in town, ready to taste, evaluate, and judge, but stress is weighing on her from her day job, and airport security gave her some trouble over a “little” something special in her luggage.

But she just may get her stress relief elsewhere—like from the two hot servers pouring her drinks.

Little does she know the two men are already competing. Dominic and Logan work for rival wineries, and each is there to watch the other and ensure there’s no “monkey business” during the competition.

But nobody said the monkey business couldn’t happen after the competition. After all, sometimes tasting isn’t enough.


“They confiscated my vibrator!” Charmaine slumped on the plush mattress and kicked her heels off, slightly mollified at the thudding sounds they made as they hit the closet door. “I don’t know how I’m going to sleep!”

Laughter came from the other end of the line. “I can’t understand why airport security would take that away. I mean, just remove the batteries, you know?” her friend stated.

Anger and frustration caused Charmaine to grip her cell phone harder than was necessary. “I did, but they said anything cylindrical and a foot or so in length was prohibited and required to be checked in. There was some mumbo jumbo about billy clubs and some nonsense. Like they were afraid I’d club everyone over the head with Mr. Foot Long and take over the plane.”

Her friend Fiona made a choking sound.

“It’s not funny,” Charmaine berated.

The laughter and choking became soft sputters and giggles. “Yes, it is. I’m sure the old fuddy duddy wanted it for herself. It was an old lady, yes?”

“She looked like a grandmother.”

“Look at it this way. She’s probably widowed and in serious need of it. You did an act of charity.”

Charmaine scoffed. “Great. This better go on my good Karma list. But in the meantime, what do I do?”

“You can’t go one night without it?” Her friend’s surprise carried over the line.

“Two. I’ve got tonight and tomorrow after the wine competition.”

“Oh, geez. Two days. You poor thing.”

Reluctantly, Charmaine had to admit she was being overdramatic  A light chuckle escaped her. “Okay. You’re right. I guess it was more embarrassing than anything, and I was really looking forward to trying it. It was new.”

“Just swallow tomorrow, get yourself relaxed, and you’ll forget about it.”

They ended their call with giggles and randy jokes, and Charmaine finally flipped her phone closed, rose, and stretched.

Noting it was already pretty late, she decided to hit the sack. Tomorrow she was judging the Regional Wine Competition and writing up an article about the experience for her magazine, Women Wine.

Being the owner and CEO of the magazine had its perks. She got to travel the world, taste wines, meet interesting people related to the industry, and share the experiences with others through the written word.

But it wasn’t without its own set of stress. Her editor-in-chief had quit recently, resulting in the extra tension in Charmaine’s shoulders.

She’d be missing Mr. Foot Long, but she’d have enough merlot to make up for it—she hoped.

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