Friday, April 5, 2013

Print Copies of Demon Available Now!

Demon, Book Two in the Dark Musicals Trilogy, inspired by Sweeney Todd is available now in both PRINT and eBook!

When Justyn and Rebecca set off for the New York School of Performing Arts, they think their dreams are about to come true. To their dismay, they aren’t in high school anymore, and the competition is steep. Rebecca must compete against accomplished singers for a role in the production of Demon Barber, including a stunning Gothic diva with her sights set on Justyn
It doesn't help that things keep disappearing from their apartment or that Rebecca's father refuses to accept that Justyn is an essential part of her life. Yet, all this seems minimal in comparison to the serial rapist terrorizing the campus.
Consumed by fear and obsessed with revenge, Rebecca and Justyn start living the story of Sweeney Todd—both on and off the stage.
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Check out what some reviewers are saying about Demon

"The twist and turns made this story so much fun to read. The characters had so much growth and development throughout the book it was so delightful to watch. I loved Justyn so much in this book!!! He is such a wonderful main character along side Becca." From Erica on Amazon

"This novel is a unique take on the classic tale of Sweeney Todd. Instead of focusing on the bloody throat slashing, this modern day version focuses on the actions that led to the rage. The way the events in the story are tied to the musical were very clever. The ending was a total shocker. Amazing sequel. Can't wait for book three in the series." From Maryann on Amazon
 "The Dark Musicals Trilogy is an amazing and refreshing take on the YA genre. The author has stepped away from the "para-NORM" and gone a whole new route. Not only are these books original thrillers that have both left me shocked at their conclusion, they also introduce a younger regeneration to classic novels and Broadway musicals in a way they can relate to and appreciate. In my opinion, this makes them a masterpiece in their own right." From Gloria on Smashwords
 And from Stephanie at  The Militant Recommender, a great review complete with illustration:

"There is drama on stage and off. Justyn is as charming and magnetic as he was in the first book. He vows to protect Becca from all harm, but can he? Becca will undergo an ordeal that seems to change her...possibly forever. Not saying what, that is for you to find out in this engrossing follow-up. The Recommender is happy to recommend anything with our perfect leading man, Justyn... or shall we say LORD Justyn, in the storyline! I am now looking forward to the 3rd installment of the Dark Musicals series...especially after the sneak peek Ms. DeLuca gives us in the opening chapter!!!"


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