Saturday, June 15, 2013

FREE Book on Amazon for Dog Lovers - Dog Tails by Tara Chevrestt

Today and Tomorrow, Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog Lovers is FREE on Amazon.

See these three canine cuties?

They each have their own stories in this book of shorts.
Meet Lola, Pudgy, and Jazzy, three canine cuties that will warm your heart and make you laugh.
In Thank Dog it’s Friday, Lola and her human mommy, Trisha trade bodies for a day! Can they cope with their new bodies and prevent Trisha's husband from throwing her into a mental institution?

Pugnacious introduces Pudgy, a very pugnacious pug. She takes her job in a dog bakery very seriously and when the bakery is robbed, it's up to her to save the day, the cash, and the canine cookies!

In Tail of Terror, Jazzy does the unthinkable and she runs away. If she can survive the mean streets, there may be a lesson in store for her and she may make a new friend.

Dog Tails is intended for dog lovers everywhere, but even cat lovers will smile and fall in love with Lola, Pudgy, and Jazzy.

So, when I woke up this past Friday, I went to stretch my fine, 14-pound self and to blow my nose to clear it when I got the shock of my doggy life. As I reached my paws out, I touched not the sides of my plastic doggy bed, but human flesh. I opened my eyes to see my human daddy lying next to me. I wasn’t aware he could squeeze into my bed and I was none too pleased. What’s mine is mine. Thus, I went to snort my displeasure and discovered I couldn’t. Something was wrong with my nose. Instead of blowing a fine spray of Lola venom at my daddy, nothing came out and I blew so hard, my head hurt. To make matters worse, my bed stank. I am pretty good about keeping just the right amount of hair and miscellaneous rawhide and Lola scents in my bedding, but this morning my bed smelled like . . . Apple Mango Tango?
It was then that my eyes registered the shocking sight before me. My paws were no longer covered in black hair with dainty black toenails peeking through. Instead, I appeared to have white skin and five fingers with ugly, clipped, pale nails at the tips of them. I had human hands attached to human arms. What the bark was going on?
I twisted my body, my human body, around and gazed down at myself. I was wearing clothes! I hate wearing clothes. It’s an abomination! My beautiful, thick, warm black hair was gone, leaving these strange tiny white bumps and fuzz in its place. I had two ant hills on my chest and upon attempting to contort myself in order to do my morning cleansing, I discovered I could not reach my junk!
Why would anybody want a body like this? I growled my frustration and bared my teeth, my now worthless little stubby square teeth, at the morning air. This woke up my daddy who made some strange noises, grabbed the covers, and pulled them all to his side of the bed. Yes, I was in the big people bed. I had always wanted to get up there, but not quite like this.
A noise came from the floor and although it took some work, I maneuvered my now 125-pound human body enough so that I could look over the side. My, human heads are heavy! I don’t know how they carry them around all day on such scrawny necks.
Two black eyes peered up at me, my eyes! But how could this be? I was in bed, not on the floor. I had the wrong body, but surely I could not be in two places at once?
Myself on the floor began wiggling uncontrollably, made strange snuffling sounds, and fell over. As I peered down at myself struggling to walk and bark, realization dawned. I was in my human mommy’s body and my mommy was in mine!
Oh my Dog! (The two-legged species got that backwards for some reason.) How did this happen? Both my mommy and I stared at each other, eyes wide. My mommy finally found her voice and barked at me. I went to bark back, but all that came out was this awful croaking sound.
So I did the only thing I could do. I struggled to heft all my bulk off the bed and stood on two legs. I was going to have to be human.


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