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Book Review - Chrysalis by Michelle Cornwel-Jordan

A World of BidA Ban Novel
YA Fantasy/Dystopian
Book One
By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
3CM Media
September 30th 2013
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After the war between Man and the Supernatural. The world settled back into a harmonious rhythm.   
Man and Preternatural existing side by side, building a society that was technologically advanced and beneficial to both kinds.   
This new world was ruled by ThunderKins--Shapeshifters who took the form of the great Thunderbird. 
But there was dissatisfaction in several of the Divisions. Some did not accept the rule of the ThunderKin. The leader's heir was targeted for destruction, believing this would cause the current Thunderkin royalty's rule to be overthrown.  

So Chaos was birth and Chaos had a name….Ayda 
Ayda Blackhawk is the beautiful, mysterious new girl at Kindale High School, in the Earthen Elemental Division of Bid'ABan. She is not there to make friends but to bring destruction. Her assignment? To kill the Thunderkin heir Adrian Dusong.  
But when Ayda meets the handsome Adrian, a twist of fate changes the rules. Ayda and Adrian find themselves, along with their world, at the cross roads to either destruction or redemption.

About The Author

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a New Adult/Young Adult-Paranormal Author. Her titles include a YA Novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy, a contribution to the HerStory Anthology released March 08th2013(Pagans Writers Press) and now her first full length novel Chrysalis.
She has been married for 18 years and has a 15 year old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures.
Another love is writing. Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she is creating on paper is how she loves spending her spare time.
Also Michelle is also the producer/host of the online radio segment, IndieReview Behind the Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B Musings interview Indie authors and musicians.
Oh, and one final secret about Michelle is that she believes that she also has a secret power, but if she told, she would have to zap ya!
Find out more about her on her website
Follow her on twitter at @mcjordan37 

My Thoughts

Ayda is an Achina, half human and half Thunderkin, who was created with only one purpose. To kill Adrian, the next in line to rule one of the three districts of Bid'A Ban. She was molded for this purpose, trained for it from the minute of her creation. She even makes a few attempts to accomplish her mission before she discovers something she never expected, something no one ever anticipated. She falls in love with the handsome Adrian.  But it's more than just physical attraction. Ayda knows he will make a good leader. So she deserts her mission and decides to protect Adrian from the other monsters being sent to destroy him and his family. And he'll need protection because Adrian's uncle won't give up until Adrian is dead. 

Chrysalis is a unique and engaging young adult story. The author brings us a futuristic world where  paranormal creatures have merged with humans. Even though there is much displeasure on both sides, Ayda and Adrian work to bring unity to a divided world. Both the characters and the world they live in are well developed. I loved the little details about the new world, like the tele-orb that allows people to view holographic images when they talk on the phone. Even the food is described. There was one scene where one of the girls was eating a fire-bird and when they find a feather, it creates a burst of light that temporarily blinds everyone at the table. Details like this really bring the fictional world to life. But the really amazing part about this story is the unquenchable love between Adrian and Ayda. A love that defied her very nature and that will hopefully allow him to overcome his anger when he learns her original purpose.

Throughout the book you are introduced to diverse paranormal beings, many of which are taken from Native American myth.  Some of the creatures Ayda encounters include fae, wendigos, golems and so many more. There are fast-faced battles, tests of friendships, and sweet romantic scenes.  The book does end with a major cliffhanger, which only means I'll be counting down the days until the sequel is released. If you are looking for a fantasy story that stands out from the norm, this is definitely the book to read.

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