Sunday, June 19, 2016

Free Today! Don't Stay Stuck!: Eliminate Your Excuses and Gain the Confidence to Achieve Your Dreams by Lori Chavez-Wysocki

Have you ever felt "stuck" at your entry-level job or in a certain aspect or your professional career? Do you feel like you have set backs impeding you from achieving your goals? This inspiring self-improvement book will give you the courage to eliminate excuses and gain the confidence to achieve your dreams, and even increase your income. It is your very own personal trainer for getting you to your next level. It's filled with concrete steps, valuable lessons and ideas worth spreading. All the strategies I share in my book have proven successful results and I know that if you apply even just a few to your career and life, you too can achieve your most desired goals. As a business minded woman, my strategies help you leverage your skills and maximize your potential. Don't Stay Stuck addresses many life events that people usually consider as "roadblocks" but teaches us instead to view them as "detours" and how to convert them into opportunities. Don't Stay Stuck will give you the strategies to get "unstuck" and on your way to your next level.

About the Author

Lori Chavez-Wysocki believes "There is no such thing as a dead end job." She has gone from field worker, to kitchen prep, to top performing district manager. She has earned the coveted Circle of Excellence award for Jack in the Box, Restaurants six times. Lori is a popular mentor and sought after motivational speaker and real estate investor.

At age 2, Lori witnessed her father drown which later led her into foster care. Consequently, she was left with stress and confusion However she yearned for control and peace of mind. She was a teen mom and a high school dropout. Determined to make some changes, she earned her high school GED and Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration while a full-time mother of three.

Lori has learned various ways to attain success by self-education and enjoys teaching life principles, beliefs and habits that inspire people to find success an their entry-level jobs.

She also wishes to motivate readers to push through their struggles and accomplish their goals so that they too can achieve their next level of success.

Lori believes that "We were all born a winner." and knows that we achieve success by investing time and effort, because "What we put into life we get out of life."


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