Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Toll the Bell: A Titanic Adventure by CP Bialois

Thomas Clayton is an assassin hired to kill his best friend. He can’t help but wonder if this is the one task he won’t be able to complete. Who could his friend have crossed this time anyway?

Born into wealth, Thomas spends most of his waking moments antagonizing those of his class, until a beautiful socialite crosses his path. She proves to be as much an enigma as himself. Their meeting seems innocent enough, but when he’s forced into service to kill his current target, dark and sinister complications arise.

He struggles to reclaim control over the situation. He needs to determine why his friend is in so deep while saving his own skin, all before the Titanic reaches New York. 

My Thoughts

In Toll the Bell, Thomas Clayton is a hit man with a dark past given the impossible mission of killing his only friend. He's already struggling with the task, and things only get more complicated when he meets a woman. While he finds her tantalizing, there's also something suspicious about her. Unsure who he can trust, Clayton must unravel multiple mysteries before the ship reaches the port.

Toll the Bell is a amazing story that merges history and an exciting mystery. The elements of the crime are multi-layered and weave a tale of intrigue. The historical elements are well researched and will make you feel as if you are walking along the deck of the long lost ship. This is a story that crosses many genres and will please fans who enjoy historical novels, romances, and mysteries.


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