Monday, April 20, 2020

The Slasher Experience III: Into the Breach by CP Bialois

Scars are the road map to the soul, both physical and mental.

Over the course of three days, thirty-five people were slain, their bodies spread over the Millersville campgrounds, the neighboring town of Tarken’s Glen, and the woods between them.

Ten days later, the remaining police continue their search for evidence as their prime suspect is in custody, awaiting his day in court.

For the survivors of the original Slasher House Massacre living in Raegar’s Mill, life has continued to go on as they try to find their footing. A rift has formed between Casi and Tom Seever, and Zach Schaeffer. Their once close relationship has eroded to the point two of the three have pulled away from everyone they know.

Casi continues seeing visions of Luke Padmore as he continues his rampage, but she’s convinced it’s because of her own trauma and survivor’s guilt, and they slowly fade away. In their wake, Casi turns her attention to those she can help.

During this quiet lull, Luke Padmore once again appears, cutting a path through all those that get in his way as he heads for Raegar’s Mill and Casi.

My Thoughts

Luke Padmore is causing mayhem again in this horrific third installment of The Slasher Experience.  In this installation, Casi is about to be released from the hospital, but she's plagued by dreams of Luke coming after her. Her powers tell her this is more than just a dream, and the spirit of her murdered friend backs up her instincts. Her brother Tom is also struggling, but finds strength in the arms of his older lover, vixen attorney Laura.  The siblings hope to reconnect with their friend Zach and end the murderous rampage once and for all.

This was an awesome closing to a great horror trilogy. As with the first two books, there are many unique death scenes that will bring to mind some of the greatest slasher films of the 80s. There were even a few scenes that got me emotional because I've gotten rather attached to some of these characters.  The ending brought with it a shocking reveal I wasn't expecting. Despite all the carnage, it is a satisfying ending with a possibility of more to come in the future.

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