Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I Want for Yule is a Big Rock

I have never been very materialistic. My engagement ring is so tiny you need a magnifying glass to find the diamond. I never cared that much about diamonds, but I do love big rocks. So this year, I told my husband I wanted a nice big rock for Yule.  A rock in the form of a crystal, of course. These are a few of the crystal points I was looking at:

Then I starting thinking, maybe I should get a whole cluster of crystals instead of one big point. These were a few that I just loved.

Then I thought  maybe something a little smaller would be better, something different than plain quartz--maybe green phantom quartz or SPHALARITE, TETRAHEDRITE, and QUARTZ CRYSTALS all blended together.
I also came across these two unique carved crystals that would be perfect for next year's Samhain celebration.

And of course I had to find a little something special to share with my circle sisters. We already exchanged Yule gifts, but these two sets of colored stone points seemed a good fit for the Ice Moon and Imbolc, and there were just enough for each of us to have one.

I have had these all in my watch list on eBay for the last few weeks. When I logged in today, they were all missing. I couldn't believe it. I thought hours of searching for just the right crystals, the ones that really called to me,  was wasted. Then I noticed they were in my bought items! What? Did my kids get their hands on my compute?  Nope. It was my husband! He bought me every single one of the crystals! I said it was too much. I told him one was enough, and he didn't have to buy them all. He told me, "Hey, at least it didn't cost three months salary". LOL I have such an awesome husband! Not only for buying me these amazing gifts, but for being so loving and expecting of me and all my witchy ways. He is the best gift of all!


  1. Oh honey,we're two of the same kind!! I'd much rather have a rock than a "rock"!!! this thrills my husband to no end also hahaha
    Well, until he came to visit me in Quartzsite while I was doing a show(he has the real job,I have the fun one)and I took him to meet some Brazilian friends.....that eight foot Cathedral they had DID cost more than my ring hehe...

  2. I am a rock hound Hubby bought me giant hunk of amethyst one year.

    Have a Happy Holiday!!