Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paper Yule Tree Ornaments - Guest Post by Pagan Author Stacy Evans

I saw the neatest thing the other day. My daughter has been getting into “kitties and puppies” lately, so we watched 101 Dalmatians. In it, there is a scene at the end where Anita is decorating a Christmas Tree. Now, I've seen 101 Dalmatians before,  but never really saw the Christmas tree they were decorating at the end.  If you look, you can see they are hanging little paper cards from it.  See?

So I set out to make one.  Here is what you need:

Some old Christmas/Yule/etc. cards, some scrap-booking glue/tape (white glue is too wet, but you can use stick glue if need be), scissors, card stock, and some embroidery thread.

Cut out any pieces you like from the cards.  You can cut out subjects or pieces from the background, whatever appeals to you.  Be sure that they will fit somehow within the scale of the card stock.  I ended up lumping mine together in different piles based on what images I had in my head.

After arranging the images, I glue taped them down, and made pretty designs in the white spaces.

Then stick a thumbtack (or need, or other sharp, pokey instrument) into the top of the card stock and string with embroidery thread.  Then, hang on your tree and enjoy!

These are incredibly easy and fun for kids to do - even young kids, if you have the images cut out before hand.  You'll never get tired of looking at a handmade ornament on your tree!

Stacy Evans is a Pagan Author, Blogger, and Priestess.  She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and daughter.  You can find her on Facebook, Google+ or at her blog.


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