Sunday, August 25, 2013

Short Story Review - Heart of the Storm by Andrew P. Weston

 Love has eluded James Foster for many years. But that’s not surprising, for his work as a marine geologist regularly takes him around the world. A highly principled man, he is passionate for the truth and for the environment, but such endeavors leave little time for a private life.

After blowing the whistle on his former employer’s outrageous work practices, which would have endangered the staff and the ecosystem they were operating in, James finds himself without a job and with his reputation in tatters. Forced into isolation, he is hounded by his former employer and the press.

His passion for what is right draws the attention of a mysterious woman. Someone—it appears—with her own agenda!

Will she help him survive the coming storm or ensure he goes under?

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About the Author

Andrew P Weston was born in the city of Birmingham, UK and grew up in the towns of Bearwood and Edgbaston, eventually attending Holly Lodge Grammar School for Boy’s where he was School Captain and Head Boy.
He was an active sportsperson for the school and a variety of rugby, martial art, swimming, and athletics teams throughout the city On graduation in 1977, he joined the Royal Marines and served in a number of roles both in the UK and abroad.
In 1985 he joined the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, serving as a police officer in a variety of uniformed and plain clothed departments until his retirement in 2008.
Over those years, he wrote and illustrated a selection of private books for his children regarding the life of a tiny kitten, called, “The Adventures of Willy Whiskers”, gained further qualifications in Law and Religious Studies, was an active member of Mensa and continued to be an active sportsperson, providing lessons free of charge to local communities.
An unfortunate accident received on duty meant Andrew had to retire early from the police force, but after moving to the sunny Greek island of Kos to speed up his recuperation, he was at last able to devote time to the “Guardian Concept” he had developed over his years in the military and police.
When not writing, Andrew enjoys Greek dancing and language lessons, being told what to do by his wife, Annette, and hunting shadows in the dark. He has not managed to catch any yet, but is sure he came close on 2 occasions.

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My Thoughts

James Foster is a marine geologist who cares more about the environment then his paycheck. When a big oil company puts sea-life in danger, he stands up for what he believes in. The result is a backlash of negative publicity and reporters camped out on his front yard. When he first notices a mysterious woman in the crowd who later saves his life, he thinks she might be going undercover to get the dirt on him, but the secret this mysterious beauty is hiding goes much deeper than deadlines.

This short story is  fun, quick read with a little romance and a lot of storm raging action. In addition to providing an interesting twist on paranormal romance, Heart of the Storm also delves into the importance of showing respect for our ecosystem. It is a well thought out and entertaining novella sure to leave the reader captivated.

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