Friday, December 29, 2017

Stag Hunt is #PermaFree on Amazon

In ancient Britannia, the warrior who brought down the king stag was named the defender of the land.

Eartha’s brother Balen has been in love with Princess Galiene since they were children. Upon the death of the High King, the tribesmen of the realm vie for the throne, and with it, the hand of the fair princess.

Balen is desperate to win his lady, but a rival tribesman is equally determined to keep them apart.

With her brother, her dearest friend, and the country she loves all hanging in the balance, Eartha must do the unthinkable to ensure her brother’s victory in the stag hunt. Sometimes true love needs a helping hand...or some blood to be spilled.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Morrigan Free on Amazon

Shuffled from place to place in the foster system, Morrigan doesn't know the meaning of home. Plus, she is different. She has power over fire, the ability to move objects with her mind, and glimpse into the future. Just when she believes her life can't get any stranger, she discovers her true identity. Filtiarn, a knight with a dark past and a surprising secret, has been tasked with guiding the heir of Tír na NÓg through countless perils to be returned to her family. Once Morrigan has been reunited with her mother and grandmother, their triad can save the forgotten land of magic from being devoured by an ancient evil.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Get Scrooged Free Just in Time for Christmas

Stan Hope never cared much for his son-in-law—Justin Patko.

His black clothes and body piercings were bad enough, but the ridiculous notion of dragging Rebecca off to Broadway with a new baby on the way pushes Stan over the edge. How much can a father take?

After losing his cool at a holiday party, Stan gets a visit from three unexpected spirits. Can they help to change his close-minded ways?

***Spoiler Alert! Don't read this before reading the first three books in the series. It will give away all the endings!**

Grab the boxed set of the Dark Musicals Trilogy for only $5.9

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Finding Joy in the Season by Decluttering with a Purpose

Christmas day is hot on our heels! It seems like after the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone – the time until Christmas is in hyper-drive! So much to do between decorating, cleaning, organizing, shopping, and cooking. It sometimes feels like there is just too much to do! But, we love the holiday season for so many reasons.
Of course, gathering with family and friends is one of the best parts of the season. And, if you have kids, the gift-giving spirit is fun to celebrate, especially if you love to give back to the people in your community like we do.
It is really easy to get so wrapped up in all of the things going on over the holiday season, that you forget how important it is to stop and take notice of people who may not have the luxury of spending over the holidays, a family to gather around the table with, or even a warm coat to wear when the cold weather is upon us.
Every year before Holiday-related chaos sets in I make the kids declutter their closets and toy collections. Not only does this make room for the coming influx of new items from their friends and family, but I always donate usable items to my local Goodwill to help benefit other families and create jobs in our local community. I love that my simple decluttering process can help create new jobs in our town.
Donating to local Goodwill stores also provides a wonderful opportunity to talk to my children about how this is a season of giving. Gifts are great, but nothing compares to the feeling of helping others. Goodwill is a great organization to support all year round because every 23 seconds of every business day, someone gets a job through the help of a local Goodwill. Local Goodwill stores offer job training information in person and online at  
Remember, when you shop or donate at your local Goodwill you save money and create jobs. Find a Goodwill store near you at The items you donate may just make someone else’s holiday a little brighter.
I’d love to see your holiday haul that you’re donating to Goodwill – share a photo to your social media using the hashtag #DonateStuffCreateJobs!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Five Simple Ways to Eat a More Humane and Healthy Menu

I’ve had animals for as long as I can remember. The message about animal cruelty and adopting a #ShelterPet is one that has gained ground in recent years, but the ASPCA is concerned with the welfare of farm animals as well.

Here are five simple ways to become a more aware and welfare-conscious consumer when shopping for your family’s groceries.

  1. Eat Seasonally - Eating foods in season means that you’re able to buy from a more local economy and avoid having your food ship from other countries. This means fresher foods picked at peak ripeness too!
  2. Shop Locally - CSA’s and local farmers’ markets help support local, often smaller scale, farmers and ranchers who are producing outside of the traditional factory-farm system. If you aren’t sure where to start, visit your local farmers’ market and start asking some question - this guide will get you started.  
  3. Conquer Labeling Confusion - Marketers create confusion with their flashy labels and clever catch-phrases. But unfortunately, sometimes they care more about finances than transparency. Words like “natural” or “humane” often don’t have any oversight to actually tell you as a consumer anything concrete. However, some phrases and labels do have regulations associated with their use, and that’s what you can start to look for as a savvy shopper. Here’s a guide to labeling to get you started.
  4. Be Careful to Minimize Waste - One of the ways we can treat the animals used for food respectfully and humanely is by making the most of the food we purchase. Purchase only what you know you’ll use and serve the right sized portions to avoid wasting what your family buys.
  5. Look for Certifications That Mean Something - Unlike marketing gimmicks there are certain certifications and awards that have true meaning. For example the USDA  Organic label shows that the produce grown (or fed to the animal) didn’t use banned pesticides. Others include Animal Welfare Approved or Certified Humane

See The Good Groceries Guide for more information about how our shopping habits impact the lives of those around us - animals included.

Find more resources for savvy shoppers at the ASCPA Shop With Your Heart website!

And don’t forget to enter to win some fun items from the ASPCA!
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