Monday, August 30, 2021

Wish on a Star on Sale for $.99 - One Day Only!

Danielle Hoelz gave up her dreams of a life on the Broadway stage when her daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Once the star of an iconic television series, Reed Overture is struggling to stay relevant in a world that’s almost forgotten him.

When nine-year-old Isabelle is given the chance to make her wish come true, she invites her favorite performer to South Jersey under the pretense of giving her guitar lessons. In reality, she's plotting to rekindle her mother’s passion for music. Maybe she’ll even get them to fall in love.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Waiting to Fly is #FREE on Amazon for International #OverdoseAwareness Day

 Lenore’s life was just beginning when one terrible night destroys all her well-laid plans. Scared and ashamed, she wasn’t searching for love, but Ford offered it anyway. His constant support not only wins her affection, he heals her bruised heart and together, they’re ready to fly into a new beginning.

Ten years later, Lenore never imagined anything could shatter their happily ever after, but taking flight always means there’s a chance to crash and burn. Lenore fights fiercely for her husband, but some demons are too powerful. Sometimes, even love isn’t enough to ground you when you’re waiting to fly.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Get Thunderstruck #FREE on Amazon

Taranis, the Celtic god of Thunder, has spent an eternity longing for the touch of a single mortal woman. He has followed her through incarnations, but always his powers were too much for her to bear.

Tara is a deaf woman, struggling to fit in the hearing world. She hides a gentle heart behind a tough exterior. Will she let down her defenses when a handsome mute tries to win her heart?

And even if she does, can Taranis’ love come without a death sentence?

Monday, August 23, 2021

Slasher Short Film #FREE on YouTube

Author C.P. Bialois is one of my favorite authors, and now his brilliant novel The Slasher Experience has been made into a short film. It's free to watch on You Tube. Check it out below. If you love it, be sure to pick up a copy of the novel for even more blood and gore!

Casi is a gifted young woman who only wants to help others, but when her parents don’t allow her to help a grieving neighbor, her brother, Tom, decides it’s time to get her out of the house and let her live some.

For him, that involves the Slasher Experience, a who-dun-it weekend based on the low budget, smash hit slasher horror movie. Bringing his two best friends, he hopes to give Casi the time of her life, but when the horror turns real and there’s nowhere to run, her talents are put to the test.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Get Falling Star #FREE on Amazon

Drew DiPalma feels like he's living a lie.

He's had it with his Hollywood persona, the high-maintenance women, and his sleazy agent. To escape the madness, he flees to a tourist town he'd often visited as a child. He never expected to find love on that little island. Then he stumbles upon Lainey alone on the swing set of a deserted beach.

After a dozen internet dating disasters, Lainey Riccardo has given up on romance--until she meets a West Coast hunk who has no trouble winning her heart. But Lainey only knows him as Drew, not the Oscar-nominated actor who's constantly scandalized in the tabloids.

When she learns the truth, will the small town Jersey girl be able to accept Drew's fast-paced life? Or will the truth drive her away forever?

Book 2 In Perfect Harmony and Book 3 Brushed by Fate are available now!  See how this series plays out for these Jersey girls. Get all three books for only $5.98!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Look Beyond the Facade - Meet The Real People who Inspired the Characters in Hyde

The third book in the Dark Musicals Trilogy, Hyde, was inspired by the musical Jekyll and Hyde. In the musical, the Dr. Jekyll isn't the only one with two faces--everyone has a few secrets. As they say in their signature song, everyone hides behind their facade. Today I wanted to give my readers a chance to look beyond the facade and meet the real people who inspired some of the characters in Hyde.

Lord Justyn

If you've read the whole series, you've probably met him before, but the real Lord Justyn is definitely worth another mention.  It was his unique personality and remarkable acting abilities that inspired the series more than five years ago. Don't let the leather and fishnet fool you. Lord Justyn is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met and like his namesake he's super talented. An actor, a musician, and a writer, he has it all in one swoon-worthy package.


When I started writing Phantom, Carmen was supposed to be based on my friend Viv. That's where she got her ethnic beauty and her Cuban descent, but even in Phantom she started to develop a tough personality that wasn't anything like Viv, who I've never heard utter an obscenity. In Hyde,  Carmen got even tougher, and I think I was channeling another lovely Latina, my editor Tara. Carmen has the same grit and no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is attitude.


There are lots of new characters in Hyde. One of them is Fernando, who's based on my own stepfather. He owns the dinner theater where Rebecca and Justyn will be making their professional debut. In real life, he owns Duffy's On The Lake. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because the gang stopped there for dinner in the first chapter of Demon

Steve and Petya

You'll love to hate them in Hyde, but this real life couple are a lot nicer in reality than they are in my book. Meet Steve and Petya. They are servers at our family restaurant, but Steve is also an actor. The one true fact about them, aside from their physical descriptions, that you'll read in Hyde is that Steve really was in a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 when he was a teenager. He's hoping to play himself if the books are ever made into movies and he wanted a fun role, so I made him and his wife both have...colorful personalities.
Officer Weston

If you read Hyde, you're going to meet a pair of law enforcement officers. One of them is based on my fellow Pagan Writers Press author Andrew Paul Weston. He is retired now but was a cop in England for many years. Andrew helped me iron out some forensic details in Hyde.

Officer Cusella

And this is Officer Nino Cusella. He plays Andrew's rookie partner in Hyde. He was also my neighbor growing up. When we were kids, he helped me learn to ride my bike without training wheels and we used to try and catch to seagulls with homemade traps.  Today Nino is is patrolling the streets of our hometown of Wildwood. He helped me iron out the legal details of a few scenes in Hyde as well as appearing as a character.

Darlene & Matt

Darlene AKA Tempest, is Justyn's mother in the Dark Musicals Trilogy. The real Darlene was my High Priestess before she moved out of state. I also made her friend Matt into Justyn's hippie stepfather. While Darlene's personality in the series fits the real Darlene to a tee, the fictional Darlene also shares some of the traits of my friend Tempest, a professional Gothic belly dancer. Tempest is Darlene's stage name in the Dark Musicals Trilogy.

Sherry & Bruce

Sherrie is a little camera shy, so I don't have a photo of her, but I think I painted a pretty accurate picture in Hyde. She stepped into the role of Justyn's grandmother because her feisty Irish spirit, lust for life, and unique style seemed to fit perfectly into this non-traditional family. She is actually the mother one of my old high school classmates, and she's one of the wisest and most caring woman I know. She's has taught me many things, including he fact that your bra makes an excellent storage area. But with her flame red hair and her fierce protective nature, you can believe she's a force to be reckoned with if you get on her bad side. I also gave her husband Bruce a small part as Justyn's grandfather, and while I made his physical appearance similar to Darlene and Justyn, I stayed true to the quiet, conventional nature Sherry has always described when she spoke of her husband.


Last but certainly not least, there was a very special cameo appearance in Hyde. This little guy is Dash, and he is my publisher Angie's son. Of course, I had to age him a little to fit him into the story, but I  gave him his mom's red hair and a little of his father's personality.

Well, that about wraps up the real faces of Hyde. The story wouldn't be what it is with the help all of these wonderful people provided. This is their story as much as mine and I thank them all for the inspiration.  To get to know them and their alter ego's better, be sure to pick up your copy of Hyde today. 


Friday, August 13, 2021

Reanimated: Dark Musicals - The Second Act

After the birth of their daughter, Rebecca Hope-Patko and her husband Lord Justyn return to their home state of New Jersey to open their dinner theater. For their first season, Justyn tries his hand at directing while Rebecca stars in their small stage adaption of Ghost Bride. Rebecca has also embraced a second role—taking a stand against domestic violence by joining the Underground Railroad, a covert organization that shuttles battered women to safety.

At first, both operations run smoothly, but before long it’s clear the secret agents’ identities have been compromised. Rebecca is stalked and terrorized, and even the theater is under attack. Faced with deception at every turn, Rebecca is afraid to trust anyone and has reason to fear this battle may leave her a widow instead of a bride. Can this diva unravel the mystery of the Ange du Palais Theatre before someone she loves winds up in their grave? 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Get Thunderstruck #FREE on Amazon

Taranis, the Celtic god of Thunder, has spent an eternity longing for the touch of a single mortal woman. He has followed her through incarnations, but always his powers were too much for her to bear.

Tara is a deaf woman, struggling to fit in the hearing world. She hides a gentle heart behind a tough exterior. Will she let down her defenses when a handsome mute tries to win her heart?

And even if she does, can Taranis’ love come without a death sentence?