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Lady's Destiny Cover Reveal & Giveaway


When dreams haunt you in the most delicious ways and fate pulls you into destiny’s path, what can be done other than to accept and submit to it.

Can Iria truly get what she’s always dreamed of or will it always just remain a memory? Being a rare creature such as her with exceptional beauty and rarity of existence should be enough.  Though, all she wants is her desire, her destiny… To be with a man—one man.

Are these dreams she’s having real? Could she really take on human form and become a Lady to be with the man she craves?

Dezso discovers a magical creature—a being of incredible light and peace. He is drawn to it again and again, and his feelings grow with every encounter. He carries a dark secret that he wishes never existed. The only thing that truly brings light upon his existence is the beauty that warms his heart but seems to only exist in his head—with dreams and visions of a magical woman, full of heartwarming light.

Will he ever know true love and happiness? Will he ever be able to lighten the weight and share his dark secret with another...?

Darkness is growing stronger, weakening the light and killing off what makes the world a beautiful place to live in. Enter a world of fantasy and dreams, passions and temptations. A world where dragons, unicorns, magic and mermaids really do exist. A world where love WILL conquer all!

To be released January 2014.

A.R. was born and raised in Bronx, NY and is the oldest daughter of two girls. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, which was only briefly used. She’s a mother of two entertaining teen boys (as well as a lovely fawn Chihuahua, whom she considers her furry daughter.) She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome and amazingly funny man-beast. She loves anything dragon and fantasy related. In her free time she enjoys exercising, writing, listening to music, hiking, cooking, dancing and reading. She also loves a great adventure in and out of a book!
She writes to free her mind of its constant wondering and clutter. She thrives on the fact she can share some of it with readers that have the same passion for a great story.

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Short Story Review - “Four Sisters” by Regine Allison Claire


“Four Sisters” by Regine Allison Claire!

(Now Available for $2.99)
Fallow Glyph daydreams during class, asks too many questions and pushes the rules. Even worse, he is haunted by strange nightmares and is fascinated by the Border, the monstrous black wall that all villagers in Wyndeswytch must avoid … or face punishment.

When his feet lead him to the Border, Fallow is determined to find out what is on the other side. What he discovers is nothing like what he anticipated. Caught in the middle of a violent feud between two families of elemental spirits, Fallow finds he must resolve the conflict if he wants to stay alive.
Can an unremarkable teenager become a hero?

My Thoughts

Fallow knows it's forbidden, but he can't help but feel drawn to the Border--a huge wall the villagers are forbidden to cross. One day, he cuts school, packs a lunch and follows the wall, looking to see if it ever ends. It seems to go on forever, but in one stop he finds a crack. He manages to sneak over the wall. At first, it all seems unremarkable. Then while walking across a frozen lake, he sees a woman trapped beneath the ice. Before he can help her, another warrior woman scares him away. But he can't get the Border of his mind, so Fallow goes back to free the woman in the ice. What he finds is that the Border is really an enchanted land that has become a prison for two feuding sets of sisters.  The odd thing is, their stories are so similar, Fallow finds it hard to believe they are as different as they think. Can a mortal boy bridge the gap between elemental  spirits? You'll have to read the story to find out.

I really enjoyed this fast faced tale, set in the fictional land of Wyndeswytch. I loved the old world feel of the village from the strict teacher to the wise old elders. The sisters on the other side of the wall were all enchanting and beautifully  described. Anyone who enjoys a good fantasy tale will definitely love this short story.

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Free Book - Vows by Tamaria Soana

Addison Klein’s marriage is falling apart. She’s contemplating whether she should fight to keep her family together or walk away. After the sudden death of her best friend, Peyton, and a vicious fight with her husband, Tyler, Addison knows she needs to decide what the future holds.

Just when Addison feels she's alone in making this life altering decision, she gets a little guidance from her guardian angel and rediscovers herself.  After some soul searching she realizes the vows she said on her wedding day meant something to her... for as long as we both shall live. 

With a new outlook on life Addison sets a plan in motion to seduce her husband.

 Warning: adult language

Tamaria Soana is middle aged, but just feels her life has begun. She writes sexy contemporary romance stories that always end with a ‘happily ever after’. Growing up she loved to read and make up new places in her head to escape to. In her late teens she began writing short stories and poetry; it wasn’t until her late thirties before she began to spin a full story.

 She’s married and a stay-at-home-mom of two beautiful young girls, they reside in Western New York. Cuddling up with a good book under an electric throw is her way to escape the cold Buffalo nights. Besides writing, she co-owns Shades of Rose Marketing and hosts a talk show on Talkshoe called Live with Tamaria ~ Giving authors a voice.
Author Links:    Site     Facebook Author Page     Twitter

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Book Spotlight & Giveaway - Bond of Love by Amzy Suzanne

 As a picturesque mother and wife, forty-one year old Avery Richards seems to have it all. Married to a successful veterinarian named Noah and mother to a spunky daughter named Kara, her life is far from awful but she is stuck. With the recent move of their daughter, who has just flown the coop for college, this story examines the deep and often-tumultuous bond between mother and child and the lengths we are willing to go to, as mothers, to sacrifice our own happiness for the ones we love. As we watch Avery walk through her ‘new’ way of daily life, without her ambitious and stubborn child around to mother any longer, we are given a very unique opportunity to tip toe in the front row of their lives, from three very separate views. We will see life as it plays out through her mature and motherly eyes, through Kara’s young and sheltered heart, and then through ‘someone else’s eyes’ that has a vested interest in them both. As Avery’s well-hidden web of lies come crashing down in an unexpected way, her secrets that she’s safeguarded for years will threaten to rip her peaceful world apart, as well as the world of the ones she loves most. As readers, we will watch how ONE single choice can alter everything. Each character will then be forced to examine what the true meaning of love and forgiveness means to them. Every gamut of emotion will be explored: humor, sadness, love, joy, betrayal, hate, and forgiveness. Bond of Love will leave you pondering the age-old question: How well do YOU actually know the ones you love most?
Buy on Paperback | Kindle | B&N | Kobo | Apple | Sony

Meet the Author:

This is Amy’s second published work, the first being a memoir written exclusively for her children. As a former second grade teacher, and long time professional photographer, she has been writing and filling journals since she was young enough to hold a pencil and form words. Although writing brings her to a place of solace and joy, her most ambitious and fulfilling job in life thus far has been being a mother. Married for nearly two decades now, she and her husband share four daughters, who fill their lives with amusement, love, and drama daily. It is her lifelong goal to preserve her family’s history through the written word, pictures, and the human touch of love.

Follow Amy on Facebook | Literary Addicts | Goodreads

Follow the Book Tour The Author is giving one lucky reader a $25 Amazon GC. Fill out the form below to enter and remember to pick up her book. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Book Spotlight - SEE ME by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Carly Anders  is hearing voices in her head. Another one of her kind is trying to contact her. She knows of the malevolent freaks—others who are eternal like her and seek out the weak to inflict pain upon. For years, Carly has held up huge protective walls to keep herself and her secrets safe. Now, physically and mentally exhausted, Carly needs protection and rest.

She accepts the invitation to visit an internet friend who needs help appraising a collection of antique photographs.  The situation is not ideal, but Carly hopes a male presence in her life will deter the determined suitor who haunts her thoughts and dreams.

Daniel Tremont is not what Carly is expecting.

The former funeral director has a secret of his own. Not only is he eternal like Carly, he is her creation from all those years before—her abomination she thought she killed.
Daniel has been searching for Carly for years. He knows she is the piece of his life that he has been missing for so long. Now that he has found her, he has no intentions of letting her go. 


     He waved a hand in front of her face, but she didn’t blink. The lights are on, but no one’s home.
     “Carly, my angel,” he whispered and cupped her cheek into his palm. He revealed in the silkiness and warmth of her skin. Still, she didn’t react. She was almost…a zombie.
     His own body jerked in reaction to the fear she was emanating. She was clearly sleepwalking and in the throes of one hell of a nightmare, yet she didn’t cry out any longer. It was all now playing out inside her mind.
     “Charlotte, see me,” he implored.
     Her lips twitched at the mention of her real name.
     “See me,” he repeated.
     Suddenly, her body gave way and she collapsed. Catching her, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. As he laid her down, her breathing became ragged. He placed a hand over her heart as it raced, and passed healing calmness through his hand, feeling the energy pulsate against her skin. Beneath his hand, he would feel her heartbeat slow to a normal rhythm.
     “Daniel?” Her voice was mere caress.
     “I’m here, my angel. You’re having a nightmare. You’re frightened. It’s okay now, I’m here, and I will never leave you,” he promised.
     “Everyone leaves, Daniel. You can’t understand, you can’t…” Her body started to tremble.
     He climbed onto the bed and straddled her body. Leaning close to her face, he said, “Carly, let go of your fear. I can take it. Let go and see me,” he commanded.
     Her breath came out in a whoosh, and a wall of fear and resistance hit him like a blow from above. It wasn’t exactly painful, more startling than anything else.
     His vision flip-flopped, and he could see an image from inside her mind of two souls forever entwined as the result of one act. It made perfect sense. She was reliving the day their souls became one. The day of the fire.
     He then saw black, suffocating water. She was reliving her own death, as well.
     As the visions left him, he was consumed with the mishmash of fear, loneliness, and resistance within her.
     He had to make her understand that it was over. “I will never leave you, Carly. That is my promise to you,” he insisted.
     A flicker of life ignited in her eyes. Her hands came up to his face, and to Daniel’s surprise, tears bubbled from his own eyes. He was releasing the pain and fear he had absorbed from his beloved.
     “I’m so sorry, Daniel, so sorry,” she murmured.
     “There’s nothing to be sorry for, my love. It’s over. It’s time to move forward now.”
     “You don’t understand what I am, Daniel.”
     “I do understand, Carly. I am what you are. See me for what I am.”
     In his mind, he could see the moving clockwork gears of her thoughts once again as she tried to process what he was telling her to be true.
     “Just accept it, and let’s move forward.”
     She drew his face to hers and her lips parted beneath his. Time blurred and he drank in the essence of his Carly. Her soft, barely covered curves molded themselves against his the hard planes of his body. Her hands were under his t-shirt, her fingers stroking him.
     If he pressed on, he knew she wouldn’t refuse him. But in her vulnerable state, he wouldn’t let anything progress further that night. Carly needed time to process everything that happened. There was plenty of time to pursue a physical relationship. They weren’t going any where…he hoped.
Buy Links:   Leap of Faith Publishing     Amazon      Barnes & Noble 

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.

Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.

She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

 Author links:    Site      Facebook        Twitter 

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Book Spotlight & Giveaway - Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams

Ready to live your very best life? Actually, the secret to becoming absolutely, ridiculously happy is already being conveyed to you every moment of every day. And, it’s coming right from within you. Now, life transformation coach Carol Whitaker can teach you how to tap into the positive potential of your physical and emotional well-being, and by doing so, achieve your lifelong dreams. Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life and Body of your Dreams is Whitaker’s groundbreaking, step-by-step approach to changing the course of your life.

By empowering you to claim your God-given birthright to have a meaningful, blissful existence, the author encourages you to simply embrace your own unique magnificence to manifest dreams. Placing equal emphasis on both mental and physical positive energy, this comprehensive book shares strategies to harness the power of the Law of Attraction. By letting go of negative energy and thinking intentionally about the way you live your life, you will not only set yourself on a road to vitality, abundance, and deep satisfaction, but you will become your own cheerleader to stay the course. If you believe you can be ridiculously happy, Carol Whitaker’s illuminating, actionable book will show you the way. The road to becoming ridiculously happy begins right here. And, you already have what it takes to forge the life of your dreams. Life transformation coach Carol Whitaker is here to guide you through her proven process, so you can claim your divine right to utter joy. All you need to do is to embrace what you already possess. Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life and Body of your Dreams will move you to accept nothing less than the exhilaration to which you are entitled. By offering you new insights and techniques to gain mastery over your emotional and physical health, this revolutionary method will help you retrain your own energy so that its positive influence can work to shape your destiny. For unbounded, lifelong happiness, simply open this book. It will open your world to a whole new way of being.

Buy on Amazon | B&N | Website | Audible


About the author:

Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought after Life Transformation Coach and Lifestyle Fitness Coach, she is well known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is dedicated to empowering women around the world to love and believe in themselves fully. Carol is a Motivational Speaker and is passionate about inspiring and motivating women to create and manifest the life and body of their dreams. Carol is an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is a happily married mother of 3. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit to learn more about her services along with tools and secrets to discover how to transform your life to be ridiculously happy & fit today. See more about Carol on Linkedin.   Win an Autographed book and free 30 minute LivFit Coaching Call Fill out the form below to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Book Review: Wunder: Volume One by A.R. Von


SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITION *Includes Bonus Material*

Wunder isn’t your average girl in fact—she isn’t even an average human. In a world ravaged by Zombies, she was born amidst the chaos. She may have a normal life now…well as normal as a freak of nature could have. Part zombie while her job is to hunt bloodthirsty creatures to protect the innocent. It’s the dreams that haunt her and they aren’t nightmares. Wunder dreams of a man, a man made just for her. Is he real, can he be the one she‘s yearned for?

Wunder’s life has been far from perfect so far, secretly being part Zombie in a world devastated by the plague of the walking dead. Still, she knew there was something special awaiting her, someone out there who could change everything and she did find him. Pete is everything she dreamed of and more as she discovers passion and fulfillment for the first time in her life.

Pete has his own secrets to tell. His world is a lonely one as he wrestles with the reality of being part zombie. His hatred for the creatures that killed his parents drives him to patrol the streets and wipe them all out. His life would be stark, but for the dreams he’s been having; of a woman, so sensuous, so sexy. These alluring visions have become erotic and consuming. He feels as if he made her up to keep from going crazy. Is this life of hunting the walking dead, all there is? Or is she out there waiting—just for him?

Now—with the reunion; Wunder’s life turns into a journey of discoveries. Secrets from the past come full circle and her world is changed forever. In the coming chaos, can she keep her new found happiness and the man of her dreams?

(18+ only this edition contains the Wunder Prequel though book 2)

Where to Buy

Amazon      Goodreads       Barnes & Noble

About the Author

A.R. is a mother of two entertaining teen boys (as well as a lovely fawn Chihuahua, whom she considers her furry daughter.) She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome and amazingly funny man-beast. She’s an avid reader of many genres which include (but are not limited to) erotica, paranormal, ménage, thriller, fantasy, YA, western (have to love a hot cowboy or two here and there) and some historical. She also loves to exercise, listen to music, hike, cook, dance and write. 

She writes to free her mind of its constant wondering and loves the fact she can share it with readers that have the same passion for a great story.

She also loves to hear from her reader’s and chat away, so feel free to reach out to her any time.

Author Links:     Site     Twitter     Facebook     Goodreads

My Thoughts

Wunder was born a quarter zombie. When her mother was bitten while she was pregnant, part of the genes were passed onto her. This has given her abnormal strength and senses which she uses to fight the infected that have wiped out a large portion of humanity. In the midst of her battles, she's been haunted by dreams--dreams of a man who leaves her hot and bothered almost every morning.  When she finds out Pete is more then just a dream, the two join forces in the bedroom and the battle field and Pete reveals a long kept secret about Wunder's mother that could change everything forever.

Wunder: Series One is an action packed novella from beginning to end. Whether she's kicking zombie butt or making her steamy dreams a reality, every page leaves you wanting more. The characters are well-developed, including the secondary characters like her father Lance and team-mate Tank. The scenes are so vivid you'll find yourself biting your nails as they fight of scores of zombies, just barely getting away each time. The story alternates perspective between Wunder and Pete, allowing you to get inside both their heads. Wunder is an exciting and quick read and I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series because the cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting more.

#21DaysofSolstice - eBay Auction Charity Event

For the #21DaysofSolstice Event, my publisher is doing a charity auction on eBay. You can get a print copy of Morrigan starting at just $2.50 The publisher is giving 50% of the profits to Hands of the Goddess, a charity operating to better the lives of those needing assistance in New Port Richey, FL. 

Additional, I am giving my portion of the profits to the charity as well. This book is normally $12 or more so this is a great price and a great way to spread some holiday cheer to those in need. Also check out the other titles being auctioned off by Pagan Writers Press as part of the charity drive.  The publisher will be adding several more titles including Phantom.

You can view all the selections in the Pagan Writers Press eBay store.

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Short Story Review - Clutter by Jamie White

“Clutter” by Jamie White!

(Now Available for $1.99)

When Justine Martin finds her list of resolutions for the previous year, she decides to try and complete the list before her family’s New Year’s Eve party that evening. While checking the items off her list, she is forced to come to terms with some bad habits and confront romantic feelings that she has suppressed for too long.

As the hours inch closer to midnight, will she be able to complete the list or keep hiding herself in the clutter around her?

My Thoughts

With the New Year on the horizon, I was excited to find a book all about making resolutions. Justine has always been a procrastinator, but this New Year she decides to change all that. When she finds her list of resolutions from 2013, she wants to get through as many as  possible before the clock strikes twelve. Some are easy, like cleaning out her jewelry box, but as she gets further down the list, the challenges get  more complicated...and personal. One of the items on the list is to admit her feelings for her long time friend. Justine decides to put the list aside, but fate may just give her a little push in the right direction at her mother's annual party.

I really enjoyed this story and walking with Justine through her list of resolutions. I found myself rooting for her to get in all done in time, and enjoyed the short flashes of her past as she worked. Clutter is a cute, quick read that will get you exited about watching the ball drop and maybe even encourage you to make some resolutions of your own.

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Three Books - Three Days - Three Gifts - Only $.99 Each!

For three days only, from 12/12 through 12/14, we are having a huge sale on all three of my titles published through Bumble Book Press. Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, and Player are available exclusively on Amazon for only $.99! Whether you enjoy a little magic or prefer a contemporary thriller, there's something for everyone.

Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn't remember. She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother's death has set his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother's spirit is reaching out to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the spirit finds a male witch–one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella. Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabriella and Darron at odds.
There is more to the story than Gabriella and Darron could even imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and lives will be lost. Only after Gabriella and Darron both come to terms with who they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.
  Where to Buy

Destiny Unveiled
Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks Gabriella's help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella's coven sets out on a journey that may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is in her hands.
  Where to Buy

Joshua Handover had it all. He was handsome, rich, athletic, and had always been popular with the ladies. Yet, until he gets paired up with his beautiful but shy lab partner, Rosa, he never allowed himself to fall in love.
As the chemistry between them grows, Josh realizes that his player days have come to end. But it seems his change of heart has come too late. Not only is Rosa leery of his bad boy reputation, he has four vindictive ex-girlfriends who are on a rampage. At first he doesn’t take their threats seriously, but then his tires are slashed, someone tries to poison him, and one of the girls turns up dead. Josh doesn’t know who to trust, but one thing is certain. It definitely isn’t worth the price he’s paying to be a player.

Where to Buy
Amazon | B&N | Smashwords

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21 Days of Soltice - Day 11 - Love of the Gods on Sale for $2.99

On the eleventh day of Solstice, PWP gave to me…

The “For the Love of the Gods” Anthology for $2.99!

(Regularly $6.99)
The Love of a God is Divine

Throughout the centuries, we have explained the intricate workings of our world with tales of immortal beings known as gods. They were the bringers of lightning and rain. Some kept the seasons in balance and made sacrifices for the harvest. Others caused strife and death through wars and chaos.
Even the Gods Need Love
Get tangled in the sheets with these paranormal and historical adult romances. Gods and goddesses from myth and fiction attempt to fill the voids in their hearts with everlasting love.
From Dusk ‘Til Dawn by Elizabeth Schechter follows the story of Delan, a male servant in a female-dominated world, as he falls in love with the cloistered son of a High Priestess. Their mm romance sizzles until Delan is forced to make a choice between love and saving the world.
Danielle Villano’s Stealing Polina brings a contemporary romance spin to the ancient Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. Find out how far H is willing to go to capture the attention of the new company intern and claim her as his own.
In the paranormal fantasy romance Heart of the Storm by Andrew P. Weston, marine biologist James Foster is being harassed for whistle-blowing on unsafe working conditions by his former employer. With his reputation is shambles, he draws the attention of a mysterious woman with a connection to the Norse gods.
When called by the Celtic goddess Brighid, Terrwyn leaves her home and travels to the Emerald Isle of Eire in the ff historical romance short story Fire Driven by Tracy Palmer. She will face discrimination, condemnation, and violence to prove her loyalty to her goddess.
Dorothy L. Abrams’s medieval historical romance Cawing Crows & Baying Hounds introduces Elspet and Callum, who were thrown together by the politics of family. A passionate night of their lovemaking transcends all possibilities when they are joined by Chu Chulain and the Morrigan in a night no one will forget.
Call Me Havoc by Tinnekke Bebout follows the story of the child of two free spirits who falls for Eris, the Greek goddess of discord.
Finally, Laura DeLuca’s Thunderstruck follows the contemporary short story of Tara, a deaf woman struggling in the hearing world. Can she let her defenses down to let a handsome mute win her heart? And will she still love him when she learns that he is Taranis, the Celtic god of Thunder?
Get the collection or purchase any one of the tales separately at your favorite eBook retailer!

Book Tour & Giveaway - Inn On the Edge by Gail Bridges

By Gail Bridges

Angela and her brand-new husband Josh have just arrived at their honeymoon destination, a romantic bed-and-breakfast hotel on the breath-taking Washington coast - the Inn on the Edge. But everything isn't as it seems. The lessons that come free with the room aren't for painting the lovely coastal scenery - the lessons are for better sex. Angie and Josh, shocked and titillated, immerse themselves in every sensual offering.It doesn't take long for things to go horribly wrong. The discover that the old man running the place is a sex demon, who has been stealing their sensual energy. Worse, he's dangerously in love with Angie and he has plans for her - plans involving an heirloom wedding ring.

Coming soon

About the author

I have three grown children. I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our five cats. In the past I have worked in a variety of different artistic media. I have a BFA in painting from the University of Washington, and for over fifteen years I made award-winning Fine Art Jewelry (silver and handmade ceramics) and sold my work at local and regional Fine Art and Craft shows. My business, Vivid Arts, flourished - but always, I felt driven to write. Two years ago, no longer able to deny the writing muse, I took an open-ended sabbatical from my art shows. Since then, I've written two novels and a number of published and unpublished short stories.
Prize for the contest. Angie's Travel Painting Kit Acrylic paints, brushes, palette, canvas board and instructions; Mr. Abiba's Wooden "Tool" Box, for decorating; Josh's Magic Book, for decorating; Tazo Passion Tea; Dark Chocolate bar with almond bits. Follow the Book Tour Fill out the Form Below to Enter (Open to US residents) a Rafflecopter giveaway

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PWP Solstice Day 10 - “The Cliff” for $0.99 and “Snapshot to Destiny” for FREE!

Solstice Day 10

On the tenth day of Solstice, PWP gave to me…

“The Cliff” for $0.99 and “Snapshot to Destiny” for FREE!

(Regularly $3.99 and $0.99, respectively)
Can a childhood pact affect the lives of three adults?
Love and betrayal surrounds the lives of lifelong friends Lanie Rhodes, Grant Bennett, and Dane Voight. Years ago, they made a pact to remain together as friends forever. The boys also made another secret pact that same day—to never vie for Lanie’s love.
Grant and Lanie have secretly been pining for one another since they were children.
Now grown up, they finally admit their feelings for each other and what ensues is a twisted tale of deception as Dane does everything he can to stop them.
The story weaves around this uneven love triangle. What will happen to the pact? Will friendships be destroyed? Will lovers emerge?

Willow Reese has always been drawn to photography. So much, that she owns a small photo lab where her customers who haven’t moved into the digital age can still get their film developed.
Her clientele range from grandmothers with photos of grandkids, to morticians with pictures to make you cringe, and one very sexy professional photographer named Spencer, who she’s always been sweet on.
But one day, her whole world shatters when a she finds that a series of photos cause her to have a reaction that will shake the foundation of everything she’s always believed in. Her life will never be the same, not unless she chooses to make it remain as it was destined.
Can Willow find happiness in what life already has destined for her, or will she change everything that she desires?

Download free on the PWP Blog.

Also Available On: All Romance eBooks | Smashwords

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21 Days of Solstice - Day 9 - Win a Print from NighlyDoodles

Solstice Day 9

On the ninth day of Solstice, PWP gave to me…

A chance to win an encouraging print from Jenipher at NighlyDoodles!

(Regularly $15)

Meet Zooey, one of my “Lovely Girls”. She is a fun loving girl who wants [more than ANYTHING] to change the world!! She knows it’s hard work, but will do EVERYTHING in her power to do it anyway!!
I hand drew this little lady, and colored her digitally, then printed her on 8×10 paper. There’s a white border around her, which makes her PERFECT to frame!

To enter, head to the PWP blog.

Book Tour & Giveaway - Home for Christmas by Roxy Boroughs

by Roxy Boroughs

This holiday season, April Rochester must decide if her first love is merely “Home for Christmas” – or home for good. James Frost, the black sheep of the family, is back in Carol Falls, Vermont, to build a big box store and prove he’s a success. His plans derail when he learns his high school sweetheart has moved back to town also, along with her autistic son, Marcus. Ten years ago Jimmy and April eloped, only to be torn apart when April’s parents insisted on an annulment. Their love for each other never died, however, and this could be their second chance. But James has been hiding behind a mountain of secrets, one of them involving baby Holly, the abandoned child recently found at the family farm. And all of James’ well-kept secrets are about to come tumbling down. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, a 40,000 word sweet romance novella, is Book Two of ‘A Frost Family Christmas’ trilogy. Each novella is a complete romance with a linking mystery connecting the three books.
The three titles in this series are:
Book 1 = WHAT CHILD IS THIS by C.J. Carmichael - Book 2 = HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Roxy Boroughs - Book 3 = THE HOLLY & THE IVY by Brenda M. Collins -
Want a little mystery along with your holiday romances this Christmas?
Then visit the Frost Family in Carol Falls, Vermont and enjoy these three heartwarming novellas.
* * *


Before turning her attention to fiction, Roxy appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies, and ‘tread the boards’ in theaters from New York to Newfoundland. In addition to HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, and the free short story LETTING GO, she’s also published two romantic suspense titles, the award-winning A STRANGER’S TOUCH and its sequel, a romantic comedy called CRAZY FOR COWBOY and the sweet romance anthology STORIES OF CHANCE ROMANCEwith Brenda M. Collins. Check them all out on her Amazon Page.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

21 Days of Solstice - Day 8 - HerStory on Sale for $2.99!

  On the 8th Day of Solstice PWP gave to me, a bargain price of HerStory
In ancient times, women were regarded as sacred. They were thought to hold the mystical power of creation—responsible for the continuation of our species. With the rise of Science and Religion, these myths were dispelled and their plight began.

HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women’s History Month is a collection of Flash Fiction and Short Stories from today's top authors featuring female characters that exemplify strong strength of mind, body, and character. Some of these tales are based on real people while others are purely fictional. However, all are standing up for themselves and what they believe in.

Grab yourself a glass of wine or favorite hot beverage and get comfortable as you read about the lives of women who will light the fire in your soul.

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Barnes & Noble

Book Review - Chrysalis by Michelle Cornwel-Jordan

A World of BidA Ban Novel
YA Fantasy/Dystopian
Book One
By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
3CM Media
September 30th 2013
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After the war between Man and the Supernatural. The world settled back into a harmonious rhythm.   
Man and Preternatural existing side by side, building a society that was technologically advanced and beneficial to both kinds.   
This new world was ruled by ThunderKins--Shapeshifters who took the form of the great Thunderbird. 
But there was dissatisfaction in several of the Divisions. Some did not accept the rule of the ThunderKin. The leader's heir was targeted for destruction, believing this would cause the current Thunderkin royalty's rule to be overthrown.  

So Chaos was birth and Chaos had a name….Ayda 
Ayda Blackhawk is the beautiful, mysterious new girl at Kindale High School, in the Earthen Elemental Division of Bid'ABan. She is not there to make friends but to bring destruction. Her assignment? To kill the Thunderkin heir Adrian Dusong.  
But when Ayda meets the handsome Adrian, a twist of fate changes the rules. Ayda and Adrian find themselves, along with their world, at the cross roads to either destruction or redemption.

About The Author

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a New Adult/Young Adult-Paranormal Author. Her titles include a YA Novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy, a contribution to the HerStory Anthology released March 08th2013(Pagans Writers Press) and now her first full length novel Chrysalis.
She has been married for 18 years and has a 15 year old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures.
Another love is writing. Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she is creating on paper is how she loves spending her spare time.
Also Michelle is also the producer/host of the online radio segment, IndieReview Behind the Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B Musings interview Indie authors and musicians.
Oh, and one final secret about Michelle is that she believes that she also has a secret power, but if she told, she would have to zap ya!
Find out more about her on her website
Follow her on twitter at @mcjordan37 

My Thoughts

Ayda is an Achina, half human and half Thunderkin, who was created with only one purpose. To kill Adrian, the next in line to rule one of the three districts of Bid'A Ban. She was molded for this purpose, trained for it from the minute of her creation. She even makes a few attempts to accomplish her mission before she discovers something she never expected, something no one ever anticipated. She falls in love with the handsome Adrian.  But it's more than just physical attraction. Ayda knows he will make a good leader. So she deserts her mission and decides to protect Adrian from the other monsters being sent to destroy him and his family. And he'll need protection because Adrian's uncle won't give up until Adrian is dead. 

Chrysalis is a unique and engaging young adult story. The author brings us a futuristic world where  paranormal creatures have merged with humans. Even though there is much displeasure on both sides, Ayda and Adrian work to bring unity to a divided world. Both the characters and the world they live in are well developed. I loved the little details about the new world, like the tele-orb that allows people to view holographic images when they talk on the phone. Even the food is described. There was one scene where one of the girls was eating a fire-bird and when they find a feather, it creates a burst of light that temporarily blinds everyone at the table. Details like this really bring the fictional world to life. But the really amazing part about this story is the unquenchable love between Adrian and Ayda. A love that defied her very nature and that will hopefully allow him to overcome his anger when he learns her original purpose.

Throughout the book you are introduced to diverse paranormal beings, many of which are taken from Native American myth.  Some of the creatures Ayda encounters include fae, wendigos, golems and so many more. There are fast-faced battles, tests of friendships, and sweet romantic scenes.  The book does end with a major cliffhanger, which only means I'll be counting down the days until the sequel is released. If you are looking for a fantasy story that stands out from the norm, this is definitely the book to read.