Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Cast of Phantom

I had so much fun with the Destiny cast, I had to start one for Phantom. I just picked all these out today with a little help from my twelve year old daughter,  but I still think it turned out pretty well. So, here you go. Meet my picks for the cast of Phantom.

Rebecca (Becca) Hope-Allison Miller
Alison was on Terra Nova, which my kids were watching before it got cancelled. Her hair was longer and curlier in that show, which made her look even more like Becca.

Lord Justyn Patko - Robbie Amell
Of course, we need to Goth him up a bit, but Robbie could definitely pull of Lord Justyn. I can even visualize the tribal tattoo around those muscular arms. He was in one of the more recent versions of Scooby Doo, so again, I have to thank my kids for finding him.

Tom Rittenhouse-Jason Dolley
Yes, we watch the Disney channel, and its a good place to find teen actors. Jason is in Good Luck Charlie, and he definitely has the boy next door thing going on. He'd be perfect to play Tom.

Jay Kopp-Calum Worthy
Another pick from Disney, Calum is one of the characters on Austin & Ally. I'm not sure of his name on there, but he's always goofing around, just like Jay.

Carmen Webber-Alyssa Diaz
This Latino beauty looks exactly the way I envisioned Carmen--beautiful, but with a tough edge to her. I found her courtesy of Latino.com.

Debbie O'Neil-Nicky Blonsky
I had a really hard time finding someone to play Debbie, but finally remembered the star of Hairspray. She can even sing, so she's definitely a great choice.

Wendy Wright - Aly Michalka
We needed a blonde bombshell, and Aly is a beauty. Hopefully in real life she's a little nicer than Wendy.

Tempest/Darlene- Laura "Tempest" Schmidt
Of course, Tempest would have to play herself. No one else could possibly do justice to her artistic dance moves. And since she has been on stage and making belly dance videos for years, I'm sure it wouldn't be that much of a challenge.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the main characters.  I thought about doing a soundtrack for this book too, but really, you just need to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. That's what I did every single night while I was writing it.  LOL So, what do you think of my picks? If you read the book and can think of other actors and actresses who would be a better fit, I'd love to hear about it.

***Photos taken from www.imdb.com****


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