Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Two Stops of the Phantom Blog Tour!

The Phantom blog tour has begun! Actually, it began a a few days ago, but I lost track of time and completely forgot about it.  But while I was lost in my own little world, two interviews have already gone live.  Let me tell you, these interview things are not as easy as they seem. Its much easier for me to write a 300-400 page book about fictional people, then it is for me to think of anything interesting to say about myself. But I managed to pull it off with these two blogs.

The first stop was with Ella's Muse, and she definitely threw some interesting questions my way.  Ella is a young adult author herself, and I am looking forward to checking out her novel, Jocelyn's Choice.  The second interview was with romance author Anne Montclair,which is only fitting since Phantom is just as much a romance as it is a thriller. It was definitely fun getting to interact with Ann. If you have a second, please leave a comment for the hosts to thank them for their time spreading the word about Phantom. And don't forget that Phantom is now available to purchase on Amazon in both print and e-book formats.

Thanks to both Ella's Muse and Anne Montclair for hosting these interviews. And special thanks to Marissa at Sizzling PR for putting these interviews together.


  1. I'm giggling because you forgot about it. I'll stop by and check things out ;-)

  2. I agree with Magaly, I am laughing too!

  3. What can I say...It was a crazy week- :)