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Sizzling Summer Reads Sponsor Spotlight! Oaklight Publishing

Creative Publishing for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Esoteric Literature

Bringing to the world community the best in fantasy, science fiction and esoteric literature. Oaklight is also branching off into children's literature, beginning with, Grandma Fell into the Fishbowl, and, Young McDonald Has a Farm, to come out later this year.

Here are just a few of the current titles available from Oaklight Publishing. There are way too many fabulous titles to list them all. If you are a lover of sci-fi or fantasy, be sure to visit their website and check out their full selection.  

Legacy of the Cross
 By Debi Chestnut and Alice Bliss  

Jordan Montgomery and Kelly Richmond work for The Institute, a mysterious privately held corporation that studies scientific anomalies. The murder of Jordan Montgomery’s sister Hannah sends Jordan and Kelly on a dangerous journey filled with discovery, heart break, and wonder.
The girls discover that the Knights Templar still exists and that a small group has separated to form a new branch of Illuminati.  Now this splinter cell is searching for an ancient talisman that can be used to summon demons.
As Jordan and Kelly try to learn what the groups’ plans are and why Hannah was killed, they find mystery, betrayal, and danger at every turn.
Jordan and Kelly learn that not everything is what it seems and some betrayals come with very high price tags. 

The Reaper
By Jamie Woodhead

Tobias Peters was human until the day he died, trying to save his best friend. Upon the moment of his death, an angel appeared and asked him a favor from God.
“Become the Angel of Death.”
So begins Tobias's long journey through time until the day he falls in love with a mortal. They have a son together, but Tobias's wife is burnt at the stake for the crime of witchcraft and his son goes missing, lost in Time itself.
Tobias is drawn to a young man named Harvey White. Together, they quickly discover that all is not well with the world. The Demons are trying to free Evuhl from its Seal, to bring chaos and destruction to the world. It is up to the Angel of Death to make sure that doesn't happen.
Can Tobias really prevent innocent people from dying, all the while trying to work out just who Harvey really is? One thing is for certain—the world needs the Angel of Death now more than ever.

Trial by FireA Sci-fi Novel by Alice Bliss

Secrets can be a problem for any group of friends. For a band like Raw Edge, they can be deadly.
Raw Edge is one of the Vancouver area’s more popular club bands, but they are living a double life. They also work for a multi-national organization that handles some pretty high tech and sensitive situations.
The big problem is the youngest member of the group was the product of genetic tampering. He not only has no idea what’s been done to him or what strange things he’s capable of doing, he has no idea that he has an older brother that is the product of those same experiments.
The group must work together to keep 16 year old Robin Grant alive long enough for him to learn what science has done to him.

Astrology in Depth by Matthew Vossler 

Astrology, the ancient art of prophecy and divination, has been made popular today by sun-sign horoscopes found in thousands of websites and news publications. But astrology is so much more than the fun; one size fits all, daily advice columns. Find out how and why with this one of a kind book.  
Astrology in Depth condenses almost every book on western astrology ever printed. To help readers follow the material, the text includes sample charts and interpretations of famous people. With this book, you will easily understand the concepts of astrology and can put them to use immediately. These are the techniques and wisdom utilized by the famed prophet Nostradamus, Galileo, and many others, passed down through the ages for our benefit.

Motown Murders and Ministry, by Jack Loshaw

Through the eyes of a homicide detective, we meet those whose situations led them into the darkness to commit horrific acts. During his work, the author's life changed as he found a relationship with God. As the author puts it, the thought of becoming a real Christian and continuing in police work seemed a true challenge. He felt a lot of conflict between being a Christian and a homicide detective.
It was troubling to see so many folks whose lives seem hopeless and lacked any perceived abundance. From a police standpoint, Jack was determined to bring about what fairness he could and to do his part to alleviate some of the burdens brought by despair. Currently, Jack is retired from the police department. He worked at a car dealership for 12 years until he was called into ministry. He has now been an ordained minister for over fourteen years at Mt. Zion Church in Clarkston, Michigan.
Within this book are the stories of people whom Jack encountered during his days as a detective, and how he reconciled his work and faith.

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