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Sizzling Summer Reads #Giveaway - #Win a $50 Amazon GC & Tons of Books!

Its finally here! Its finally time to begin the Sizzling Summer Reads Giveaway, hosted by myself and the wonderfully talented author and editor Rosa Sophia. We have worked hard the last few months to gather together some of the most talented indie authors out there, and we are bringing them together for this one mega promotion. Even a few publishers are getting in on the fun. Not only can you win copies of many of these fabulous author's books, you can also win the grand prize of a $50 Amazon GC!  Before we can started, here is a quick line up of the sponsors and the books you can win:

Taking 1960 by Rosa Sophia

An envelope addressed to Katherine Maslin stood out amongst the pile of bills. It is a notice from an attorney... the rights to her grandparents' farmhouse and adjacent property. She believes that a change will rid her of the strange dreams she's been having, wherein an oddly familiar woman visits her, begging for her help. But when Kat realizes that the woman in her dream is her dead grandmother, she begins to have doubts about moving to the farm. Rumors and nightmarish tales fill her mind, stories of the five men who lost their lives in the late 1950s to a heartless murderer. A man had been convicted, but was he the one the police had been looking for, or had he been framed? Kat is thrown backwards through time on a journey to discover a terrible truth. The ghost of her grandmother is always one step ahead of her, leading the way. But will she find the real killer before he finds her?

Check out Time by Rosa Sophia Coming June 13th! 

Naomi Vogler blames herself for her mother’s tragic death, continually reliving the accident in her nightmares.  When she reconnects with her estranged father, he invites her to live with him in a little town called Witchfire.  A simple job stocking shelves overnight at a local grocery store seems a perfect distraction.  But when the manager of the store is found dead in the boiler room, Naomi’s boring job becomes something much more complicated.  No matter how she looks at it, one thing is certain: retail is murder.

Destiny & Destiny Unveiled  by Laura DeLuca

Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn’t remember. She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother’s death has set his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother’s spirit is reaching out to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the spirit finds another witch--one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella. Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabrielle and Darron at odds. There is more to the story than Gabrielle and Darron could even imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and lives will be lost. Only after Gabrielle and Darron both come to terms with who they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.

  Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks Gabriella’s help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella’s coven sets out on a journey that may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is in her hands.

Phantom by Laura DeLuca 

The “Phantom” was a musical phenomenon that Rebecca had always found enchanting. She had no idea that her life was about to mirror the play that was her obsession. When her high school drama club chooses “Phantom” as their annual production, Rebecca finds herself in the middle of an unlikely love triangle and the target of a sadistic stalker who uses the lines from the play as their calling card. Rebecca lands the lead role of Christine, the opera diva, and like her character, she is torn between her two co-stars—Tom the surfer and basketball star who plays the lovable hero, and Justyn, the strangely appealing Goth who is more than realistic in the role of the tortured artist. Almost immediately after casting, strange things start to happen both on and off the stage. Curtains fall. Mirrors are shattered. People are hurt in true phantom style. They all seem like accidents until Rebecca receives notes and phone calls that hint at something more sinister. Is Justyn bringing to life the twisted character of the phantom? Or in real life are the roles of the hero and the villain reversed? Rebecca doesn’t know who to trust, but she knows she’s running out of time as she gets closer and closer to opening night. Only when the mask is stripped away, will the twenty first century phantom finally be revealed.

 'Hannah and the Talking Tree' is a children s book specially designed to plant the seeds of environmental activism in the next generation. Printed on recycled paper. Gold Medal winner of the 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. Hannah is a little girl with a special and unique gift. She has very, very big ears which enable her to hear things in the world all around her that other people do not notice.She can hear the grass grow, the wind sing, and the ants march one by one. She can hear birds chirping far away and even hear the trees drinking water. Unfortunately, she is teased and criticized by other children and runs away to be alone. With her extra special powers she finds and befriends a very special and solitary tree and learns about the tragic fate of the trees around her. And now the last tree is threatened as well. Is there any way to save the lone tree from destruction? Will anyone listen to Hannah's cry for help? Instead of just giving up and letting the last tree get cut down, Hannah decides to be brave and do something herself to help save the last tree and create a world worthwhile living in.

Tales of Aradia The Last Witch by L.A Jones

Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exposure or at least that's what all the vampires, werewolves, and other races thought.There was not one witch whom survived the genocide of the Salem Witch Trials. But one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, MA and all that changes.

Sabbat Cooking: Beltane by Stacy Evans

 Beltane - the time of year for honouring love, fertility and the sun.  Beltane foods focus on spice and aphrodisiacs - with seasonal foods mixed in. This eBook contains recipes for appetizers, side dishes, mains, and desserts. Recipes with oysters, fruits, and oats, amongst many other ingredients, can all be found inside. Also included are the magickal properties in many of the ingredients, as well as ways to utilise them while cooking. This interesting eBook is a great addition to your collection.

 More than Useful by Lacey Wolfe

 Can she settle for just a little fun?Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Adam stops by Amy's bakery for one of her delicious muffins…and a little flirting. When he finally asks her out, Amy is thrilled.Adam informs her from the beginning that he isn't looking for anything serious. Just a little fun. Amy agrees, even though she isn't entirely sure that's what she wants.She does her best to play it cool, but Adam is sending so many mixed signals he's confusing her, which she finds incredibly frustrating.Adam is terrified by the feelings he's developing for Amy. It would be so much easier if he  just backed away from her. Then there's his sister, who is insisting that Amy is not the right girl for him. Will Adam be able to figure out what his heart desires before it's too late and he loses his chance at true happiness?

Dream Crossing by Matthew Vossler

 A young man set on revenge, finds himself caught between his new found love, and her strange world that's plunging into war. If you liked the movie "Inception," you'll love the book, "Dream Crossing." Duncan Wright is a bright and promising eleventh grader, who has a problem with Craig the school bully. Hoping for a solution, he reads all the books in the local library on the subject of magic. But when he begins practicing astral travel at night, he discovers this kind of magic is no parlor game. One night, Duncan crosses into the other boy's dream to confront him in the astral plane. Before he can claim revenge, he becomes caught in Lastra, a land on the brink of war. In this strange new land, Duncan is a foundling who strives to learn the secret to returning home. The ancient legend reveals only the possibility of a return and the path home remains a mystery. Duncan has to live up to a prophecy or forever be imprisoned in a land quickly descending into darkness...

 The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven by David Roth

Their names are Lisanne, JosÎl, Kristof, Anton, Sabas, Dak, and Alyse, but they're far better known by their traveling name, The Magnificent Seven. Best friends for life, if you find one of them, odds are you'll find the other six. Children of far reaching and vivid imaginations, their creative fantasies have taken them to such places as outer space, the Orient Express, white water rafting, the circus, and others. What always starts as an adventure in the real world quickly becomes an adventure of the imagination for them, with a puzzle to solve before reality sets back in. Enter the world of the Magnificent!

Illusions and Reality by Jessie J.W. Coffey

Illusions and Reality is a collection of work that runs the gamut from humor to romance, with a touch of horror thrown in to keep you awake nights. There are moments of tears and moments of giggles found within the short stories offered. And a few shivers along the way. And if that wasn't enough to leave you breathless, also included is a chapter excerpt from J.W. Coffey's, A Wager of Blood. Illusions and Reality will leave you wondering...which is which?

 The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment by J.W.Coffey

 Stephan Cameron is impetuous and lusty; William Cameron is measured and romantic. Only one thing can divide the brothers--an attraction to the Lady Jessica Chynoweth, a flirty redhead who seems to have eyes for both of them--and the baron besides. Only one thing can bring them together again--bringing the murderer of their father to justice. If it doesn't kill them first, they will!

A Wager of Blood by J. W. Coffey

 It was in the year 1760, when it all began with an innocent game of dice. And before the night was over, four people were dead and a man was driven insane by greed.  And in the present day, four friends will learn the secrets and face the demons of that night. And one of them will learn the most important lesson of all. When you dice with the devil, every toss is A Wager of Blood.

Love Again Anthology by Ruby Lioness Press

A collection of short stories about rekindling love when it appeared all hope was lost. Contributors include Lacey Wolfe, Melissa Keir, Tamaria Soana, Sabrina Luna, Ella Jade, Autumn Jones Lake, and Melissa Kendall (More details will be provided in the sponsor spotlight post for Ruby Lioness Press)

Fall in Love by Melissa Kendall

Michael Dunbar finds his secluded life on a cattle station in the outback to be lonely. Mia Mason longs to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a quiet life in the country. Find out what happens when fate causes these two paths to cross.

Learning to Live by Marissa Dobson 

Meg Harper is tired of living in a box created by her overprotective brothers because of her ability to see guardian angels…
Jay Wilder a lion shifter so wrapped up in the guilt of not being able to save his friend that he might lose everything…
Can Meg and Jay save each other or are they destined to live half a life?

 Passionate Tides by J. N. Johnson

Paisley feels like her life is falling apart and nothing can help her climb out of the hole that seems to be getting deeper and deeper with each new obstacle she faces…
After leaving his home in Tennessee Jake hopes that he can find a fresh start from the past he wants to leave behind…
Can two lost souls find love in Topsail Island, North Carolina? Or will they let their past ruin their second chances at true love?

 Second Chances by Krista Ames

 If you could get a Second Chance…When the love of Dana’s life leaves without a word, she is forced to move on with her life. Despite loving him, she believes she will never see him again but, little does she know, she’s being set up for a night that will change her life forever.
Nicholas, A Navy man, did the only thing he could to save the woman he loved. Driven by a secret, he disappeared and now returns, years later, with hope for love. With one opportunity, will he be able to make things right, or is it just too late? Will she deny any desire for Second Chances.

Snowy Fate by Marissa Dobson 

Fate always knows when you’re ready for love.
The past is catching up with Aspyn Layton. The father she never knew passed away and she is left to deal with his estate. An unexpected snowstorm has her stranded at the one place she didn’t want to be—her father’s house—with a naked man.
Damon Andrews has a secret, one he shared with Aspyn’s father. He must convince Aspyn there is more to life than what she knows. How will she react when she finds out he is a mountain lion, and she is his mate? Their fates are intertwined.

Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson 

As Chloe Frost focuses on renovating Winterbloom Bed and Breakfast, a blizzard dumps blankets of snow upon the sleepy town of Clearwater. An unexpected guest desperately needs a room after his car breaks down in the storm, but this mystery man seems tortured by his past. Can Chloe help him see through the pain and anger? Can Jordan Sheppard, once a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marines, finally let someone in and show him just what love is?

Honoring the Sacred Earth: A Path to Spiritual Awakening by Rev. David Smith

Since the dawn of time man has sought spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This is the main goal of most of the world's religious and spiritual paths. While trying to move closer to the divine creator, many of us have moved further from the natural world. Honoring the Sacred Earth: A Path to Spiritual Awakening shows us what is most needed in these troubled times.

Are you searching for spiritual enlightenment? Explore the wisdom within you. Attune yourself with nature through prayer, guided meditations and practical exercises. People of any spiritual background may find this book useful. It is a wonderful introduction to reawakening yourself to your own inherent spirituality. Within these pages, you may find the inspiration that will set you on the path to your own spiritual awakening.

By Right of Blood by Lorrieann Russell Coming May 29th

William Fylbrigge arrives at Drumoak in Stonehaven, a frightened, starving, abused child believing he’s been sent to foster with the demon earl Lord Edward, who eats children and sleeps under a quilt made of the skin of his victims — a lie he’s been told his entire young life. William is ill prepared to claim what is his by right of blood and his place among the powerful clan he has been born into. But, under Lord Edward's guidance and with new friends he meets at Drumoak beside him, young Will blossoms and thrives. But older brother Thomas doesn't want to share what he thinks is rightfully his, secretly arranging to have the young lad killed in a convenient "accident." William could lose everything, including his life

And now for the fabulous giveaway! One lucky winner is going to win this whole collection of books and a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate!  The winner may opt for $50 paypal cash if they prefer. That is certainly enough to keep your summer sizzling with romance, action, and suspense! Full value of this prize package is well over $300! To enter, just complete the Rafflecopter form below. You will be able to enter this giveaway on any of the author's blogs, but you should only enter ONCE! We understand mistakes can be made, so if we see duplicate entries, they will be deleted, but you will not be disqualified. This giveaway will end on 6/8/12 at midnight.

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***Please note that giveaway has been sponsored by the authors listed above.***


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