Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Spotlight - Keeper of My Heart by Keri Hendon

King of Greenwood, Tobias la Barre, had everything his heart could desire, except what it wanted most -- the love of a woman. Could love truly come when you were the object of someone's affection? Tobias hoped it could for the beautiful Josian Ashcome. She was the village seamstress. A mere peasant in most people's eyes but to Tobias she was his future Queen. When an uncle's jealousy over an old family quarrel threatens to destroy everything, Tobias is forced to protect Josian as well as his crown. Will the deceit and betrayal of those they trusted tear them apart, or will their love prevail?

 Where to Buy

You can find Keeper of the Heart on amazon and smashwords.

 About the Author

Karie Hendon is a reading addict first and foremost. While she always loved to write, her apprehension over sharing her imagination kept her from publishing. She had work published in her high school newspaper and felt proud. She always wanted to write a book and be a best selling author, but thought that was an impossible goal to reach. One day she talked to an already published author who once again gave her the inspiration to write. So therefore Keeper of my Heart was born. This is her debut book with many more to come. She is a newlywed to Jeffrey Hutchinson, who supports her completely. They reside in Memphis, TN. She loves all things paranormal, even though this book is somewhat historical and not paranormal at all. You can follow her at and on her blog


She had a sweet laugh that made him think he was in the presence of angels. One day when they were walking through the garden, which had quickly become their favorite place to spend time together, Tobias stopped suddenly. Josian turned and looked at him.
"What is amiss, Tobias?"
He looked at her and brushed her cheek with the pad of his thumb. Her stomach fluttered at the contact. They held hands every time they took a walk, and she liked the way it made her feel, but this was a new feeling that thrilled and scared her all at once.
"Josian, may I kiss you?"


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