Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sarah's Fate by Marissa Dobson on sale for $0.99

 Also in honor of Mason's Fate release, Sarah's Fate on sale. $0.99 until Feb 28th.

Buy link - https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-sarah039sfate-1055303-140.html

 Still recovering from his last mission in Afghanistan, Mason Andrews has returned home to civilian life with a heavy heart and blood on his hands. Though he’d rather lock himself away and heal on his own, his family has a different idea—bringing him out of his comfort zone and into a place where healing is his only option. But when he finally gives in, he finds that there’s more for him than just his thoughts and pain—there’s her.

After breaking down on a deserted road with her sick infant, Tiffany Tyler is at her wit’s end. All she wants is to be back in the comfort of her own home, away from judging eyes. Mason, whose eyes hold more pain and memories than she thought possible, steps out of the shadows to her rescue.
Can Mason and Tiffany accept each other’s baggage and embrace the fate that they are destined for?


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