Saturday, September 28, 2013

Short Story Review: Call Me Havoc by Tinnekke Bebout

What happens when the child of two free spirits meets and finds love with the most unlikely of goddesses?

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About the Author

 Born and raised in the midwest, Tinnekke Bebout grew up slowly finding her voice as a writer. Her first non-academic assays into the art involved poetry she created while still in high school as well as her first attempt at a novel. Since leaving academia as a young woman, she has found her creative voice mostly through the genres of poetry and essays. She has recently made a foray back into the short fiction realm and is planning a novel, which she hopes to have ready by the middle of summer 2013.

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My Thoughts 

Call Me Havoc is the romantic tale of an unlikely couple. It starts off from the perspective of Havoc, the son of a goddess, who tells us the interesting tale of how his parents met. Its all starts with a pair of peace loving hippies who find love. Their son is raised to see things a little differently than the average boy, but he never imagined a goddess would take an interest in him. Appearing to him first as a child, the two grow up together and share a love that is filled with wonder.  Beautifully written with lovable characters, Call Me Havoc is a fun, quick read that reminds us there is a little magic in everyone.


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