Monday, December 27, 2010

Music to Write By - Gary Stadler's Fairy Night Songs

When I sit down to work on my novels, I like to have some music in the background. This not only helps to block out the sound of  my kids running around and fighting in the background, but can also help keep the inspiration flowing. Everyone has their own taste in music, but for me, there is one CD in particular that I almost always listen to when I'm writing. Its a CD that is filled with the kind of magic and enchantment that I try to get across in my writing. That CD is called "Fairy Night Songs" and was composed by the amazing artist Gary Stadler.

I came across Gary's music completely by chance. Or maybe it was divine intervention. I was looking for songs with my name in them, and one of the songs that came up on Napster was  "Laura's Hill".  After listening to a clip, I knew the CD had to be mine. That was more than five years ago, and it is still my favorite music.  The CD offers beautiful melodies composed and preformed by Gary with the late Singh Kaur providing vocals that are so inspiring you may think the fairies themselves are singing just for you.

You don't have to be a writer to appreciate the otherworldly aspect of this music.  Anyone who loves the world of fairy will fall in love with this CD.  Listening to it is like lifting the veil that separates our world from the world of magic. Each song brings you deeper into the fairy realm, and this is what helps to make  imagination take flight.  I can, and have, listened to this CD thousands of times and it never loses its mysticism. Check out the video below to hear a small sample of what "Fairy Night Songs" has to offer.

You can learn all about "Fairy Night Songs", as well as Gary's other CDs on his website, Heart Magic. "Fairy Night Songs" was one of his earlier works and since the last time I checked, I see has has a few new releases which I definitely intend on purchasing! For anyone who loves fantasy, new age music, or anything mystical, Gary Stadler is an artist you just can't pass by.

                       ***Please note I received no form of compensation for this post***


  1. Beautiful Music! Definitely going on my list. Thanks for sharing!


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