Sunday, September 29, 2013

Short Story Review - Cawing Crows and Baying Hounds by Dorothy L. Abrams

Even though Elspet and Callum were thrown together by the politics of family, she loves him with a passion she never thought possible.

When she sees his life threatened by thieves in the night, she and a squire race to defend him and her brother Alec. This brush with death raises their passion for each other and once they are alone in the little room under the eaves at Brackenbyre Inn, what begins as their own loving making transcends all possibilities when they are joined by Chu Chulain and the Morrigan in a night of love no one will forget.

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I am an avid reader and addicted writer. I write non fiction about Goddess spirituality and fiction about 12th century witches as real women or about historical women who rose above the allowed possibilities.

I start things like a domestic violence intervention program, a sexual assault victims response program and a pagan church. Then I train people to run them so I can go on to the next thing.

I am the mother of too many cats, well qualified to be a crazy cat lady except it is my partner Eric that is responsible for all these furry creatures. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

My Thoughts  

Cawing Crows and Baying Hounds is a brilliantly depicted historical novella set in 12th century England. When Elspet's lover is attacked, she finds the spirit of the Morrigan has overtaken her and gives her the strength to help save his life. Later, as the two lay in bed, again the Morrigan visits them, this time accompanied by her immortal lover Chu Chulain.  This delightful short story has a lot of action and some pretty spicy scenes packed into only a few short pages. It also offered a new take on the Morrigan, one of my favorite deities. If you enjoy historical shorts or a good paranormal romance, Cawing Crows and Baying Hounds would make a wonderful edition to your library.


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