Saturday, November 2, 2013

Short Story Review: Her Name was Lola by Catalina Ferrer

1888 London. Lola is a dancer who entrances all who watch her. But this ability has come at a high price indeed: her soul. Having made a deal with what could only be called the devil, she finds herself in a quandary of epic proportions: continue leading people to their death for a life of luxury and fame, or give it all up to stop a mad being.

A short piece of literary horror, Her Name Was Lola involves an evil soul collector, a handsome, na├»ve detective, and of course, Lola—inspired by the famous songs, Lola and Copacabana. Remember the lyrics to each as you read, and be sure to guard your soul closely...because what Lola wants, Lola gets, and what she wants...just may be you.

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My Thoughts

Catalina loved to dance for the men, but she never let any of them close. Then an accident threatens to end her career and Lola is forced to take desperate measures. At her lowest point, a stranger comes to her and offers her a deal. She'll be able to return to her life as a dancer, but there is a high price to pay. At first Lola doesn't mind making the people who hurt her pay, but eventually the cost grows too high, especially when a young detective comes on the scene. Lola has always gotten her way, but can she overcome even the powers of darkness.

There is a lot of entertainment packed into these sixty pages. From the beginning, the elegant description of the dance of the veils pulls you in and  you stay hooked as action, drama, and dark magic engulf every scene. There's even a mention of Jack of the Ripper. Lola is a character that you know you should dislike, but you can't help but relate to her difficult life and hope she'll come out on top. This shorty work is a great choice for fans of horror and literary fiction and you really will hear Lola and the Copacabana playing along in your head the whole time you read.


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