Saturday, December 14, 2013

Short Story Review - Clutter by Jamie White

“Clutter” by Jamie White!

(Now Available for $1.99)

When Justine Martin finds her list of resolutions for the previous year, she decides to try and complete the list before her family’s New Year’s Eve party that evening. While checking the items off her list, she is forced to come to terms with some bad habits and confront romantic feelings that she has suppressed for too long.

As the hours inch closer to midnight, will she be able to complete the list or keep hiding herself in the clutter around her?

My Thoughts

With the New Year on the horizon, I was excited to find a book all about making resolutions. Justine has always been a procrastinator, but this New Year she decides to change all that. When she finds her list of resolutions from 2013, she wants to get through as many as  possible before the clock strikes twelve. Some are easy, like cleaning out her jewelry box, but as she gets further down the list, the challenges get  more complicated...and personal. One of the items on the list is to admit her feelings for her long time friend. Justine decides to put the list aside, but fate may just give her a little push in the right direction at her mother's annual party.

I really enjoyed this story and walking with Justine through her list of resolutions. I found myself rooting for her to get in all done in time, and enjoyed the short flashes of her past as she worked. Clutter is a cute, quick read that will get you exited about watching the ball drop and maybe even encourage you to make some resolutions of your own.

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