Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buy Books in Bulk at Bookpal!

The concept of purchasing wholesale product, or buying in bulk, is nothing in new. When you buy in bulk, you buy a larger quantity of product, but you pay less for each individual product that is purchase. For instance, at a grocery store a 12-pack of paper towels may cost $8.99, but at a wholesale store a 48-pack of paper towels may only cost $24.99. Sure, you are paying $16.00 more for paper towels, but you're getting 48 rolls, which makes them 52 cents apiece; whereas with the 12-pack, each individual roll is 74 cents. And you know you'll eventually use all of those paper towels, so it's a good buy.

Buying books in bulk works the same way. Bulk book sites like Bookpal are perfect if you need to stock a classroom, a library, or even set up a church or community reading group with books. Even used copies of books can be expensive to purchase from bookstores and websites, and not everyone is able to afford an electronic book reader, so choosing to buy books in bulk is an excellent opportunity to get the books you need and further your love of reading - as well as spread it to others.


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