Friday, August 3, 2018

The Healthier Outlook for Mental Health with Talkspace

Everyone thinks once they are successful, wealthy, or famous they will finally be happy. They think, ‘If I can just reach this goal, I’ll finally relax. I would have made it. I will be happy.’ The vast majority of people seem to think this. The next bonus at work comes around, their mood lifts for a little while then back down. Their business takes off and they are doing well. They are happy for a little while then back to the humdrum. Some even become local, state or nationally famous and they are still not as happy as they thought they would be. Their mood begins to slip, but not once do they seem to think. “I need help.” That’s a pattern Michael Phelps is looking to change with the talkspace app. It’s a platform designed to help those, maybe especially those, who need help but can’t get to mental health centers.

Michael Phelps goes on to describe what his experience was like. He had it all, what most people determine to be the level of success, fame or wealth they need to be happy. He had gold medals. People across the globe recognized him. No one would describe him as poor by any means. Still, he says he laid on his floor depressed as ever unable to leave his room. It shouldn’t take this level of depression for people to get the help they need. He wants to break the stigma of mental health. With the talkspace app, he hopes more people will get the help they need. He hopes they won’t end up where he had. It shouldn’t be a place people have to go to for them to finally get the mental help they need.

Talkspace is a new online therapy space where people from all walks of life can find the help they need without judgment, fear or stigma. No one has to even know they are getting mental health help until they are ready to talk about it. The team working with the app hopes this will remove the fear people tend to have with mental health. If people are afraid of going to physical location, they will have a space to let down and relax with someone who understands. They will have access to therapists that can help make sure they don’t fall into the dark hole of depression. Michael Phelps certainly wants this to be a platform everyone knows about.

There are many success stories surrounding the app. It is a great choice for those that struggle to get out of their homes to the mental health centers. Talkspace takes the therapists from the centers and brings them into the homes of those that need it most. With Michael Phelps spreading the word with his fame and the success of others, people will have greater access to the mental help they need without the stigma, fear or struggle. We can grow healthier with the online therapy app, Talkspace.

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