Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Pathbreaker by Emma Kathryn

To some, Hannah Jones has it all. After all, she acts on the hottest tv show in the country. She gets to rub shoulders with the nation's biggest stars. She seems to lead a life of glamour and riches.

But few know the truth. Hannah, an underpaid casual actress, could lose her job at any moment. Furthermore, she is guarding a shameful secret. Autistic, Hannah has suffered years of unemployment. Acting is not only her dream job. It is also the only job she can do.

And what about that ultimate nerd, Christopher, who keeps asking her out? For so long she has spurned him. But when her notoriety as an actress puts her life in danger, he just might be the one to save her... or he might be the one behind it.

About the Author

Emma Kathryn author holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and English Literature from La Trobe University. Her feature articles and reviews have appeared in "Theatre People." Her poetry has been published in "Literary Orphans," and presented at many venues around Melbourne.

Emma has also written and performed in several one-woman shows. With "The Adventures of Celie," which appeared as part of "KoLABorAYshun" at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Emma attracted this review from "The Melbourne Observer": "Emma Kathryn's coy yet playful performance, about love found and lost, was engaging in its poeticism."

Performing on tv too, Emma's appearances include playing a bearded lady on "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," a swinger on "It's a Date," and taking part in the choir every year on "Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight." Writing is her greatest joy, though, and she's got many books planned.


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