Monday, April 15, 2019

Reclaiming Me (Lightworker Series Book 4) by Jamie White

After spending the majority of her 18th year being treated for a mental breakdown, and having confronted the person responsible for all the pain she’d been through over the past year, Courtney Thompson is now taking her first steps to getting her life back – she’s back in school, getting involved in the drama department again, and forming some friendships.

On top of the changes in her life, Courtney’s being called to make a decision about her fledgling relationship with Santiago Martinez, a man who works with the people who helped her through the past year. She’s falling fast, but she isn’t sure that’s a good thing. His work terrifies her, and she fears dealing with more heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the enemies who have been responsible for her pain are still out there. Enemies who still have big plans for her, and are closer than she realizes. Can she finally get her life back on track, or will they finish her off for good?

My Thoughts

In Reclaiming Me, Book 4 of the Lightworker Series, Courtney is recovering from a serious mental breakdown, but she's ready to return to the world. She enrolls in school and returns to her love of the theater.  There are also sparks flying between her and fellow Lightworker Santiago, but she's nervous about getting involved with another man after the disastrous end to her last relationship. Things seem to be going well until Courtney is snatched by villains who want to destroy everything that she is. Can the other Lightworkers save her in time or is she destined to fall back into despair and possibly lose herself forever?

This installment of the Lightworker Series was even more thrilling than the last. You really feel Courtney's inner struggle as she tries to rebuild herself, and I especially related to her fear of loving again after losing her first love so tragically.  The action packed finale left had me biting my nails, but the epilogue will leave you with a feeling a hope.  Now it's on to book 5 in a series I hope will never come to an end! 


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