Sunday, May 19, 2019

Defining Me (Lightworker Series Book 5)

Four years after surviving another attack from her enemies, Courtney Thompson has found peace. She’s engaged to her boyfriend, Santiago, and living her dream of being a professional actress.

Despite her love of the stage, Courtney feels a pull toward her past and the work she’s avoided. When she announces her decision to return and her intention to work with him, Santiago becomes evasive and tries to talk her out of it. His behavior worries her and makes her think she’s marrying a stranger. When she presses the issue, he makes a startling confession that will change the course of her life yet again.

Abigail Flores is a young woman who hates being watched and keeps some questionable company. When one of her clients makes an unusual request, Abigail gets far more than she planned. Suddenly in the middle of a war between good and evil, Abigail has to decide who she’ll align with.

Will Courtney be able to handle the secret Santiago’s been keeping from her? Can Santiago get Abigail on their side, or will the enemy win?

My Thoughts

Courtney has been through a lot in the last few years, but things are finally starting to settle down. Her relationship with Santiago is going really well, and her acting career is taking off.  She also decides to follow in her parent's footsteps and use her powers to help people. Just when everything seems perfect, her fiance starts acting strange and Courtney fears he's keeping secrets from her. She learns he's doing some work of his own, and in order for her to take part, she has to pass a series of tests.  While Courtney is pulled into the challenges of her new work, she also discovers a shocking family secret. 

This was another awesome installment of the Lightworker series with a shocking twist I never saw coming. This series is thrilling and filled with unique paranormal aspects, but I also love the very human growth I've seen in Courtney as the series progressed. She started out as a confused teen, but now we see her coming into her own and growing into a strong woman.  I'm moving on to Book 6 and I'm excited to see what new events will rock Courtney's world!

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