Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Pathbreaker by Emma Kathryn

To some, Hannah Jones has it all. After all, she acts on the hottest tv show in the country. She gets to rub shoulders with the nation's biggest stars. She seems to lead a life of glamour and riches.
But few know the truth. Hannah, an underpaid casual actress, could lose her job at any moment. Furthermore, she is guarding a shameful secret. Autistic, Hannah has suffered years of unemployment. Acting is not only her dream job. It is also the only job she can do.

My Thoughts

The Pathbreaker is an exciting novel that centers around a women named Hannah Jones. She's a struggling actress and author trying to break out in her industry. While she has a steady income from her role as an extra in a popular soap opera, she lives with the constant fear of what will happen if the series ends. Although romance isn't her top priority, Christopher, a friend from her local theater becomes her champion after she is brutally attacked. Hannah isn't sure who to trust, but she has to figure out why she's being targeted before it's too late. 

In addition to being an exiting thriller with a healthy side of romance, this novel also gives readers up close and personal look at living life with high functioning autism. Hannah is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and this leads to struggles with finding a job that's right for her. All these different elements converge to make this novel impossible to put down.


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