Sunday, December 27, 2020

Her Virtue by Emma Kathryn

 Her innocence lost, Christine Daaé is in despair. She has no family to go to. Her fiancé is about to cast her off. She is just an orphan. A singer from Sweden, with a scandalous past as a dancer.

She is driven into the arms of the one man prepared to rescue her. The one man who will accept her despite her loss of innocence. The one man who will kill to save her… and does. The madman. The genius. The legend. Erik, the phantom of the opera!

My Thoughts

Her Virtue is a Phantom of the Opera retelling with a very unique twist. In this story, Christine has been defiled and suffers a horrible loss. When all seems lost, Erik whisks her away to safety. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means having to kill. Together they learn to care for each other and heal each other, both physically and emotionally. 

This phantom of the opera tale offers an erotic twist on the original the with lots of steamy scenes between Christine and the Erik. I also love the painstaking detail with which the author describes the phantom's deformity. It really brings the character to life on the page. Phans everywhere are sure to love this addition to phantom lore. 


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