Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free Blogger Event! Kindle Fire Giveaway!!

What are FREE Blogger events? There’s no entry fee for bloggers to participate!
Plus Bloggers are rewarded with chances to win great prizes themselves:

 3 great prizes for the bloggers:

* $50 CASH to the blogger that refers the most other bloggers within the first 24 hours (already awarded to Divine C – congrats)
* $50 CASH to the blogger that refers the most other bloggers over all
* $50 CASH to the blogger that refers the winning reader (there will be a spot on the entry form to record this)

New Incentives for Bloggers to make it even more beneficial to you:

* Featured Bloggers – We will be awarding _up to_ 4 bloggers a featured spot in our event. Featured bloggers will get their Facebook ‘like’ in the main post on all sites.
* Secret Word Host – we will be awarding one blogger the opportunity to host the secret word on their site. This is huge for page views!
* Backlink – we will be awarding up to 4 bloggers a backlink in the event post.

 Here’s how you can participate in this great event:

1. Create a Post about this event to all your fellow bloggers, linking back to this post!

2. Sign yourself up here: MDM SavingStar Event Sign up Doc
3. Keep promoting the Free event to your fellow bloggers so you can have a chance at the blogger prizes!
4. Look for the HTML email and get your event post created. HTML info will be emailed at least 2 days prior to the launch date of 10/10.

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  1. Laura, did I do this right? :)