Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Spotlight: A Father A Son and A House Full Of Ghosts by Gregory Young

Something unaccountable was going on in their home.  Objects would appear and disappear at random, lights would go off and on under their own recognizance, a vomit smell protruded a section of the dining room, and a strange drawing appeared on a bedroom wall.  These are only a few of the mysterious happenings. A quest for answers soon becomes an obsession, and a father learns that he and his son are sharing the house with three ghosts. The truth is then revealed as to who these house guests were, when they came, and why they were there. Find out what was discovered in the true story of a man, his son, and their search for answers to the unexplainable ongoing occurrences in their 100 year old Somers Point home.
     A Father, A Son and a House Full of Ghosts is a true story.  It is the story of an extraordinary event happening to an ordinary person.  It is the unexpected happening to the unsuspecting.  The characters are real, the dialogue is real and the stories are real.
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About the Author

New Jersey native Gregory Young began experiencing paranormal events in his home in the year 2004.  Ghosts and spirits were never on his mind when he bought the 100 year old home. Ghosts and spirits were never a hobby of his and the entire concept of ghosts and spirits appearing in his house sounded much like a fantasy.  In other words, this was nothing that he went looking for.  But when things started appearing and disappearing around the house, pictures would tilt behind his back, the kitchen range would work itself, lights would go off and on by themselves, and doors would  unlock on their own, he knew he had something going on.  The ghost stories go on and on...

Where to Buy

The full collection of ghostly tales by Gregory Young are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and his website, Jetty Books.


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