Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Spotlight: Hypnotist by Virginia Nelson

Who knew quitting could be so hot?

Carnie Sabatina wants to break her bad habits, but is a hypnotist really the answer? Enter Doctor McSexy and a trip down the rabbit hole that not only makes her a believer, but sets her passion on fire.

Is it tempting fate to take control?

Mike Schommer’s love life crashed and burned when his ex dumped him for his best friend, but can playing with fire really save his heart? Enter Patient McHottie whose bad habits open a pandora’s box of secret cravings for hypnotist and patient...

Burning Up

One hypnotic suggestion sends them up in flames, but will temptation and passion be enough to turn their parlor tricks into happily ever after?

About the Author:
Virginia Nelson spends her days chasing three very active kids around.  When she is not doing this, or plotting taking over the world, she likes to write, play in the mud, drive far too fast and scream at inanimate objects.  She can often be found listening to music that is far too loud and typing her next fantastic tale of blood, sex and random acts of ineptitude.  Romance, in Ms. Nelson's opinion, is not about riding off into the sunset on the back of a horse with the knight in shining armor- it is about riding the dragon.  If the knight can keep up… well, that is love.


As her eyelids fluttered open, a refreshed sense of peace and energy washed over her, as if she hadn’t stayed up past three a.m. then got back up at six that morning to meet a deadline.
No, not just refreshed and energized.
Flicking a glance at the man next to her, so calm and cool, she knew what she wanted.
I want him to burn like I do.
Never having experienced that kind of immediate need for someone before, she was at a loss. She normally followed her impulses but….
I dare.
He smiled at her and it was weighted with exhaustion. He came across like a nice guy. A really nice guy.
She wanted to see him be a naughty guy.
Practicing powers of seduction she didn’t even know she had, she adjusted herself on the couch, intentionally allowing her skirt to ride up.
“Look, I am sorry that the hypnotism didn’t work on me. I mean, you gave it a shot.” She tossed her hair back, wondering for a moment how it came down.
His lips curled up slowly. “Thanks for that.”
“Mmm. I could reward you for giving it a shot, anyway.”
His brows dropped. “Huh?”
One of her hands dropped to his thigh, resting on the couch next to her, and she slowly caressed the tight denim. “I mean, you tried. The least I could do is give you a kiss….”


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